Paging Ron Swanson: These Taco Shells Are Made of Chicken

Ever eaten a taco and thought to yourself, “I will never eat a taco again until they come up with a way to introduce more meat into the taco format”? Well, I’m happy to inform you that low-carb, high-protein food brand Real Good Foods just launched its Crispy Chicken Shell Tacos. Now we can all eat chicken tacos on tortillas made of chicken and live out our picante poultry dreams. Ron Swanson would be ecstatic.

So, what are these chicken taco shells exactly? It’s a little confusing. At first, I thought they were just large chicken nuggets folded in half like taco shells, much like Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupas. However, it turns out that these bad boys contain cheese as well, and come in three unique flavors: Seasoned Beef & Cheddar (which is still called a crispy chicken taco shell for some reason), pulled Chicken with Cheddar & Monterey Jack Cheeses, and Cacique, which is “made in collaboration with [cheese brand] Cacique, [and] each chicken shell taco comes filled with shredded chicken, Cacique Oaxaca cheese, and Cacique cotija cheese, topped with Cacique avocado tomatillo salsa.”

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At first, I thought those three flavors were the flavors of the shells. But the ingredients (and the fact that the box kind of describes it this way) actually indicate that these frozen tacos come pre-stuffed with the above-listed ingredients inside. And it seems cheese can be found both inside and outside the taco. The press release explains, “Unlike conventional tacos, Real Good Foods’ nutritious tacos do not use processed flours or grains to produce a taco shell, but rather chicken and cheese.”

These meaty tacos are now available at Walmart and seem like a great way to live out your Ron Swanson dreams, eat some meat wrapped in more meat, and enjoy a spin on the classic taco that is perhaps even more meta than a stroopwafel sandwich (just kidding, nothing is more meta than a stroopwafel sandwich).

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