You Can Now Buy Tropical-Flavored Strawberries

Have you ever had strawberries that tasted like tropical punch? I certainly haven’t. In fact, I’ve only had strawberries that tasted either like strawberry or like nothing at all. But that is about to change. Just this week, Driscoll’s released its “newest flavor innovation,” and that innovation is Tropical Bliss strawberries.

Yes, I said newest innovation. Did you know that Driscoll’s already has a line of premium strawberries that have been bred to taste like certain flavors? I had no idea until today, and I’m not sure how I missed them! These flavors include: Sweetest Batch strawberries, which supposedly taste like strawberry candy and fruit punch, and Rosé Berries, which are pastel pink in color and taste like “peach, floral, and pink lemonade.” And now the brand’s newest flavor, Tropical Bliss, is joining the bunch. They are a pale yellowy white in color and taste like “tropical punch, pineapple, and passionfruit.” If anyone has seen any of these flavors, please let me know where, because they sound absofruitly fantastic.

How do they even make these strawberries? Science? Magic? A deal with the fruit devil? The press release only tells us that “this curated collection was developed through traditional breeding methods, no GMOs.” And apparently the process to develop each of these special berry varieties took decades. Way to stay focused on your goals, Driscoll’s! 

The same scientists who developed the berries even released a “berry sensory wheel” (yes, just like the snazzy wine one) which “provides a guide to the art and science of berry enjoyment.” So now when I’m sitting in my apartment eating grocery store strawberries in my sweatpants, I get to call myself a “berry sommelier” (somebody call Moochelle). But I will have to act fast to snatch these up. Because “due to the seasonality of all three of these high-flavor strawberries,” supplies will be limited, and they will only be available in the spring and summer. You can bet I will be on the lookout for these, especially the tropical ones, which I am berry excited to try.

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