Duke’s Makes Vegan Mayo and We Tried It!

Duke’s mayo—some of the best mayo on the planet—now makes Duke’s Plant-Based Mayo. Yes, you heard right, Duke’s vegan mayo exists. Rejoice, vegans. You can finally enjoy that cult-favorite Southern-style mayo again (or for the first time). Vegan pimento cheese, here you come. While there are certainly some diehards who will buy whatever Duke’s puts out, regardless of our thoughts on the matter, there are others out there who are more skeptical. We’re here to help you make your final decision. Here’s what we thought about Duke’s vegan mayo. 

Duke’s Plant-Based Mayo

New Duke’s Mayo!

Duke’s Plant-Based Mayo

I’m not vegan, but due to the nature of my job, I’ve actually had a lot of vegan mayo. And, while some of it is pretty darn good, a lot of it can taste too much like oil or oddly funky. I won’t bury the lede on Duke’s vegan mayo, though. It’s one of the good ones—it might even be one of the best ones (stay tuned for an updated ranking of the best vegan mayo). How good? Let’s get into the details.  

Pros: First, I just have to say that this was the fullest jar of mayo we have ever opened. It’s filled right up to the brim—true Southern generosity. Now, let’s talk about the mayo itself. It has a yellow-y eggy color, just like classic Duke’s, even though there’s no egg yolks in the mix. (It’s also sugar free and gluten free.) And it’s so extremely creamy. It’s probably the creamiest vegan mayo I’ve ever had. The overall flavor it’s bright and zingy. Duke’s slogan is “It’s Got Twang!” and, boy oh boy, Duke’s vegan mayo really does. It almost tastes like someone squeezed some lemon into it. You could slather this vegan mayo on a sandwich, use it in dressings, glaze roasted veggies with it—pretty much anything. And no one would know the difference. 

Cons: It really is quite lemony and acidic. If you’re sensitive to such things, you probably won’t love Duke’s vegan mayo as much as we do. And that acidity also means this might not be the best vegan mayo for baking. The only other negative is that it’s not the easiest thing to buy. At the moment, you have to purchase it through the website—you won’t find it in stores. But, really, you can push a button. I’ve seen you. Go on. Do it.

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