This Beloved Easter Egg Cake Is Flying Off Shelves at Costco

A beloved egg-shaped layer cake is back at Costco for the 2022 Easter season, and people are literally calling their local stores to see if there are any left. On the phone. In 2022.

So what is it about this Easter layer cake that makes it so special? Does it turn into a bunny and hide eggs all over your house? Does it cure constipation? Does it do your taxes for you? I did, in fact, ask all of these questions while on the phone with my local Costco, and they did, in fact, hang up on me. But, hey—it was worth it for the bit. For real information about why this cake is so special, I turned to the actual authority on all things Costco, the internet.

The verdict? Boy, does this cake sound delicious. It’s called Junior’s Chocolate Dream Easter Egg Layer Cake, and it’s essentially a domed, vaguely egg-shaped, dark chocolate cake filled with white and milk chocolate mousse, enrobed in chocolate, and decorated with festive pastel-colored white chocolate drizzle and white chocolate curls. This cake is so good it even blew up on Reddit last year with people exchanging the best ways to find the cake, the specific product number to ask for on the phone with Costco (572486), and the advice to contact all of the Costcos in your area if need be to get your hands on this cake.

That’s a whole lot of hype, but I now want to try this cake. Honestly, I miss the days before I knew this cake existed because now I’m going to spend at least some percentage of every waking hour for the rest of my life thinking about it. I guess I could just call my local Costco again and ask them politely and for realsies if they indeed still have some of these cakes left for me to try. I’ll let y’all know if they pick up. There’s a good chance they blocked my number after that first call.

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  • If it comes from Juniors and doesn’t have cheesecake…I’ll pass. Also I have no Costco near me 😂