Easy Easter Appetizers (That Aren’t Deviled Eggs)

Yes, we are creating a list of the best Easter appetizers and, no, we are not including deviled eggs. We know, we know. You have, like, three dozen freshly dyed hard boiled eggs lying around and you have to do something with them, but let’s be real: Deviled eggs are a real pain to make. Instead of spending Easter Sunday peeling eggs and pulverizing yolks, we recommend you stock up on the best easy Easter appetizers—and let the fam know they’ll be eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast for the next week.

Beecher’s Flagship Handmade Cheese & Stonewall Kitchen Fig & Ginger Jam

Whether it’s Easter or Halloween or National Cat Herder Day (December 15, fyi), you kind of can’t go wrong with a cheese board. Buy a fancy piece of wood. Put good cheese on top. Voila! You’re not gonna find an Easter appetizer easier than that. We’ll let you be your own guide when it comes to most of the fixings, but we have to go to bat for this cheese and jam combo. Beecher’s cheese has a deeply savory and complex flavor that pairs wonderfully with this bright-and-zingy, sweet-and-tart jam. Just don’t forget the good crackers.

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Trader Joe’s Mini Vegetable Samosas

Trader Joe’s products come and go, but the Mini Vegetable Samosas are a perennial staple because they’re such a crowd pleaser. The filling is made with potatoes, carrots, peas, lentils, and onions, and is super spicy and satisfying without including meat (shout-out to our veg friends). The wrapper is golden and crispy and just greasy enough to remind you it’s a holiday. This is an easy Easter appetizer that you can just throw in the oven and rest assured it’s going to turn out perfect. Set out a side of chutney if you really like your guests.

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Bandi Foods Pierogies with Sweet Farmer’s Cheese

You’re probably accustomed to pierogies that are filled with savory mashed potatoes, but these pierogies from Bandi Foods are different. The delicate little dumplings have a filling that reminded Sporked’s Gwynedd Stuart of ricotta that’s been mixed with powdered sugar. They’re sweet but not dessert-y. It’s the kind of app that will keep people intrigued enough to eat—and there’s just something so springy about fresh farmers cheese dumplings. Boil these for a few minutes and you’ve got yourself a very easy Easter appetizer.

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Trader Joe’s Shrimp & Garlic Flatbread

There’s something tantalizing about an app that does double duty. This flatbread pizza from TJ’s is like if a snacky little pizza had a baby with a bowl of shrimp scampi. You get firm, succulent shrimp and plenty of garlic atop a wonderful flaky crust that’s perfect to cut into squares. This is the best Easter appetizer if you want to put out something that will make people say, “Wow, what a cool Easter we’re having,” right before the Easter bunny rolls through the room on a skateboard.

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Marketside Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Spinach dip is a perfect easy Easter appetizer. Everyone loves it. It’s full of earthy, fresh-tasting vegetables. But it’s also delicious because it’s mostly cream cheese (plus asiago, mozzarella, and parm). This spinach dip from Walmart is our absolute favorite—it’s so rich and flavorful and packed with big hunks of artichoke. It doesn’t get easier than tossing a bowl of dip onto the appetizer table, but no one will suspect you cut corners with this one.

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