Foods That Would Feel at Home at the Renaissance Tour

During Virgo season, Beyoncé put out the call for all fans to wear silver outfits to her Renaissance Tour—and since we love food and don’t want it to feel left out, we’re inviting some to participate in the festivities. Specifically, we’re shouting out foods that are good to go in their silver outfits straight from the grocery store. We’re pretty sure you won’t actually get away with bringing Klondike Bars or Jiffy Pop to a Beyonce concert, but don’t “Break My Soul” here, people. These delicious and silver-studded foods are great, so run to the store and load up so you’re ready for a true Summer Renaissance put on by the one and only Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

Original Klondike Bars

Beyoncé justifiably claimed “I’m That Girl,” and OG Klondike Bars come in with main character energy and it is rightfully earned! Each is 100% perfect; unable to get better even if they were crafted in a lab (well, I guess Klondike Bars probably technically were). You’re probably wondering how a Klondike Bar would make it into the Renaissance tour to begin with and I just have one question for you to answer yours. What would you do for a Klondike Bar? Checkmate.

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“America Has a Problem”…and it’s that there aren’t enough white chocolate candy bars. That’s right, I’m logging on as a white chocolate defender. Some may label a love of white chocolate as odd and you may even call a Zero candy bar alien, but I see it as an Alien Superstar that was made for the Renaissance Tour. The silver wrapper alone would make Beyoncé proud, but these things are good—nutty, white fudgey, and delicious.

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Jiffy Pop

This stove top popcorn would make a big impression at the Renaissance Tour. As you heat it, the packaging turns into a big beautiful silver orb—the perfect snackie for Virgos (even if it isn’t Virgo season anymore). Just remember to shake it while you cook it so it doesn’t burn. Smelly, burnt popcorn is not welcome at the Renaissance Tour (or the office kitchen or anywhere, really).

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Hershey’s Kisses

Pull the “Plastic Off the Sofa” and bring out a tried-and-true classic silver candy in Beyoncé’s honor: Hershey’s Kisses! They’re often “All Up In Your Mind” during the holiday season or Valentine’s Day, when they put on another uniform, but their eternally relevant silver wrappings make them a fit for our list. Pop one in your mouth when you need an extra rush of sugar to energize you as you dance your heart out with the rest of the crowd. Beyoncé would surely give her seal of approval to “Cuff It” with anyone you’d be willing to share your secret stash of Hershey’s Kisses with.

A Baked Potato

Sure, baked potatoes are a cozy food but what better to ground you during the ethereal performance Beyoncé will be putting on during the Renaissance Tour? Wrap it in foil and then load up a “Thique” baked potato with all our favorite toppings anytime you want to feel like you’re at the Renaissance Tour.

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