Galentine’s Day Gifts to Grab at the Grocery Store, Based on Your Pals’ Personalities

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couples, okay? Sometimes it’s about the squad instead. Galentine’s Day gifts can be hard to pick out, but as the friend who loves gift giving, I have recommendations lined up to fit each member of the friend group based on their personality. Who needs a relationship when we can just buy nice things for each other instead? Let’s get these gifts, city girls up.

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For the Dad Friend Gal Pal: Old Trapper Old Fashioned Beef Jerky

Every friend group has a dad friend, or at least they should because the dad friend is extremely useful. She is the friend who fixes everyone’s TVs, the friend who helps you move, the friend who helps set up your computer. I’ve been the dad friend before and, let me tell you, there is something satisfying about looking at a job well done and letting out a staccato “mm” coupled with a somehow approving frown. Your dad friend is going to want a snack that she can take with her on the go. I mean how else is she going to help her other friend move out of their dorm? I recommend getting this friend some beef jerky, because that’s what a dad would love. In Sporked’s best beef jerky ranking, Danny Palumbo put Old Trapper’s Old Fashioned beef jerky in the top spot. “This is the most savory of the jerky we tried, and the flavor here is just incredible,” he wrote. We want nothing but the best for our dad friend. She keeps things running as smoothly as ever.

For the Girl Boss Gal Pal: Favorite Day Strawberry Dipping Kit

The girl boss gal pal is a clerical girlie who is constantly just getting off of work. She’s an HR baddie who is climbing the corporate ladder and making it look easy. She is a woman of luxury, but she works hard to buy herself the nice things she deserves. She’ll splurge on self-care based items because it takes work to look as expensive as she does. Target’s Favorite Day Strawberry Dipping Kit is something she would love because she could use it to make herself a bougie dessert. Plus, the act of dipping and decorating each of the strawberries is pretty therapeutic, which she’ll also love.  

For the Can’t-Catch-a-Break Gal Pal: Owala Free Sip Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Every gal pal group has that one friend who is constantly going through it. She gives the best advice because her life is a rollercoaster and she has seen it all. If you think your friend group doesn’t have one of these friends, I hate to break it to you, bestie, but it may be you. What the rollercoaster friend needs most is support. That can come from her friends or it can come from an emotional support water bottle. Trust me, I was the rollercoaster friend when I was in college, and sometimes it really is just you and your water bottle versus the world. Perhaps you’ve seen the stainless steel Owala water bottle that’s blowing up on TikTok for its “free sip” system which allows you to sip and chug from the same bottle. Your friend needs something that will have her back 24/7, and if you get her a glass reusable water bottle, I promise it will be broken by the next time you two hang out. Spring for this sturdy vessel instead, and it will be a gift she can’t forget and probably the only thing she’ll manage to keep into next year (although, who knows really).

For the Chill Gal Pal: Frankford Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bomb

The chill gal pal is the one who is living in the moment. She’s the friend who is just happy to be and exist. With her, there are no thoughts, only vibes. She’s extremely easy going and, in truth, is going to be grateful for any gift that you share with her. Frankford’s Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bomb is a simple yet exciting gift. Not only will she get to melt a little chocolate ball, but she’ll get to free the mini marshmallows trapped inside (only for them to once again be doomed to a fate of hot water or milk). February is still winter, folks. Make sure your chill friend doesn’t turn into the chilly friend and get her a fun warm drink.

For the Outgoing Gal Pal: Chocolove Chili Molé Chocolate Bar

This friend loves to be out and about. She is the one pushing everyone to go out to the club on Saturday night and the same one waking everybody up to get brunch the next morning. This friend is low-key living life on the edge. She constantly has energy, she’s a morning person, and she just wants to FEEL something. That is why I recommend buying her a dark chocolate bar with a little extra kick. We tried Chocolove’s Chili Molé Chocolate Bar for our best chocolate bar for s’mores ranking, and senior writer Jordan Myrick had this to say in their review: “​​It’s spicy and it has an interesting crunch that will add textural nuance to your s’more from the addition of espresso beans, pistachios, and apricots in the bar.” If this review gives your outgoing friend the idea that you guys should go camping, we’re sorry. But at least she’ll love the spicy chocolate!

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