Mars’ Halloween M&M’s and Ghoulishly Green Candy Bars Are Almost Here

Kermit the frog always said “It’s not easy being green,” and I trust Kermit’s word above all. So it makes total sense to me that Mars (the company behind M&M’s, Snickers, Twix, and more) didn’t come out with a green Halloween version of their candies until 2022. But friends, we are living in the future. We’ve got watches that make video calls, toasters that can fry things, and now we have green chocolate bars. You could even call them ghoulishly green.

That’s right, Mars just revealed their lineup for this Halloween, and it includes: Snickers Fun size Ghoulish Green Bars, Twix Fun Size Ghoulish Green Bars, and special Halloween M&M’s called M&M’s Mad Scientist Mix. They’re all hitting stores later this month.

The insides of these new Snickers and Twix bars are green, and the Halloween M&M’s come in three colors.

And these aren’t like most of the green chocolate bars we’ve seen in the past. Instead of just dyeing white chocolate green and calling it a day, Mars opted to stick with the milk chocolate (because ya gotta) and instead fill it with green fillings. I very much appreciate Mars for this approach. Because when companies replace milk chocolate with green white chocolate, the people notice—at least, I notice. 

So what exactly is this ghoulishly green filling? Turns out, it’s the nougat in the Snickers and the cookie in the Twix. These puppies are going to be so unbelievably cool, and I can’t wait to see what their gloriously satisfying, green-tinted cross-sections look like. As far as I can tell, the taste should be the same. The only difference is the disconcerting green hue, and let me tell you I am a sucker for a disconcerting green hue. As for the Halloween M&M’s, the Mad Scientist Mix comprises Peanut, Peanut Butter, and Plain M&M’s (much like one of the mixed packs they have already released), and will come in the distinctly Halloweeny colors of purple, orange, and green.

In other words, whether you’re into creepy green Halloween nougat in your Snickers, vibrantly viridescent Halloween cookies in your Twix, or festively frightening (if you’re scared of orange, green, and purple, that is) Halloween M&M’s, then Mars has you covered this Halloween. You know what they always say: Green candy bars are from Mars and tennis is played by Venus. Do they say that? Well…they should.

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