You Could Win a Weekend in a HI-CHEW Fantasy House

I know what you’re thinking from the title of this article: This looks like a scam where they say you won a free trip to Florida but then when you get there you realize it’s not Florida, it’s Fresno, and also someone has stolen your identity (not in a fun Freaky Friday way but in a significantly less fun legal sense). 

But, y’all. This isn’t a scam!

HI-CHEW is running a sweepstakes that started April 19th and goes until April 26th (next Tuesday) through which you and up to five friends could win a weekend stay at “the ultimate HI-CHEW Fantasy House in sunny Palm Springs, California.” So, how do I enter? And also, more importantly, what in tarnation is a HI-CHEW fantasy house?

Good news: Entry seems relatively simple. You go to the HI-CHEW Website and tell them your name, your email, your age, your zip code, and why you like HI-CHEW, and then that’s it! You play the waiting game.

Now for the elephant in the room: What is a HI-CHEW fantasy house?

Earlier this year, HI-CHEW polled their fans to see which fantasy HI-CHEW flavors they wished were a reality, narrowed it down to the top three, and then released the HI-CHEW Fantasy Mix in February. This Fantasy Mix consists of three flavors: Rainbow Sherbet, Blue Hawaii, and BLUE RASPBERRY (*le gasp*), and has been a huge hit with HI-CHEW fans even though it has only been released in two stores: 7-Eleven and Speedway.

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That brings us to the house itself. According to the press release, it’s supposedly very close to downtown Palm Springs, and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms—with each bedroom themed to a different Fantasy Mix flavor. Sleeping in a blue raspberry-themed bed would be a dream come true. In addition, the house has a pool decked out with HI-CHEW-themed pool floaties and “life-sized games” (whatever that means) to provide some entertainment.

Of course the house will be “stocked with tons of the latest HI-CHEW flavors including the new Fantasy Mix, HI-CHEW swag, and more.” I don’t know abouCHEW, but I was seriously considering throwing my name in the ring. That is until I took a closer look at the terms and conditions and realized this thing is for people 25 and up only. Guess I’ll have to wait a couple of years both to rent a car without an underage fee and to live out my blue raspberry-filled dreams. (Editor’s note: We get it, Jessica, you’re young. Now excuse me while I go back to examining my crow’s feet and listening to the pop punk of my teenage years in an effort to recapture that energy.

For those of you eligible to enter, let me know if you win it! Among other things, I would like to know what “life-sized games” entail.

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