Ho Hos vs. Little Debbie vs. Great Value: What’s the Best Swiss Roll?

Who doesn’t love a little chocolate snack cake filled with creme? Growing up, Little Debbie Swiss Rolls were the ultimate treat. My granddad kept them stocked at his townhouse. He wasn’t the best grandpa, but the Swiss rolls were greatly appreciated.

Now, as an adult, I often find myself wondering if the product I actually grew up eating is actually good or if I’m just plagued by nostalgia

I decided to do a head-to-head (to head) taste test to find out! Let’s see what chocolate creme-filled snack cake takes the cake: Hostess Ho Hos, Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, or Great Value Creme Filled Swiss Rolls Snack Cakes.

Hostess Ho Hos

The first thing I noticed about Hostess Ho Hos is that they are individually wrapped as singles instead of being wrapped as a pair like the other chocolate creme-filled snack cakes. I like it, though! Sometimes you just want one, but if you want two you can just open another. In terms of taste, the biggest positive is the crispy chocolate coating on the outside. It really snaps as you bite into it. Lastly, these are not too sweet. The chocolate flavor is deeper than the other variations of this sweet treat.

Little Debbie Swiss Rolls

The biggest issue with Little Debbie Swiss Rolls is and has always been the fact that half of the coating peels off and stays with the plastic wrapping. That’s really their only flaw, though. They are perfectly soft and sweet. The chocolate coating (however much you actually end up getting after the wrapper has taken its portion) is nice and thin. These practically evaporate in your mouth. If you prefer a snack cake that’s light and sweet, Little Debbie Swiss Rolls are for you.

Great Value Creme Filled Swiss Rolls Snack Cakes

These Great Value snack cakes are incredibly delicious, although the name certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue like the others. They have a crisp chocolate coating that doesn’t stick to the plastic wrapper whatsoever, which earns huge points. They are incredibly sweet. That’s a pro for me but might be a con for others. They’re definitely the most sugary creme-filled chocolate snack cakes. Where these really shine is their moistness. They are not dry at all. I’ll say this: These are my personal favorites.

Winner: Hostess Ho Hos

Despite them not being my personal favorites, I cannot deny that Hostess Ho Hos are perfect. From packaging to taste, these score tens across the board. If you truly want the best creme-filled chocolate snack cakes, Hostess Ho Hos are the way to go.

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  • I’m gonna have to extremely hard disagree with this one. The Little Debbie Swiss Rolls taste 100000000000000000000000x better than the Hostess ones. Ho-Ho’s are actually disgusting. The chocolate tastes like half cardboard+half drain cleaner and the cream doesnt taste like anything at all.