Did You Know the Jonas Brothers Are Pop(corn) Stars?

Now we all know the Jonas brothers are the kings of pop these days, but what I didn’t know is that they are also the kings of popcorn. That’s right, the pop stars of our childhood are now pop stars in a different sense…the corn sense. Okay, I’ll stop with the corny jokes. But the popcorn itself is not the news since the popcorn company they own, Rob’s Backstage Popcorn, has been around for a while now. The news is that they just came out with a new flavor in collaboration with Priyanka Chopra, who is an accomplished actress (who also happens to be married to Nick Jonas). The flavor in question? Priyanka’s Mumbai Nights. And boy does it sound delicious.

What does a Mumbai Nights taste like? Also, the Jonas Brothers had a whole dang popcorn brand for an entire year and didn’t think to tell me?!? Rude.

Turns out Rob’s Backstage Popcorn launched in 2022 but the concept is from way back in 2011, when Rob Garbowsky, the father of one of the Jonas Brothers’ best friends, made them the best popcorn they’d ever had (somewhere between movie theater popcorn and kettle corn). After that, the Brothers always had some backstage before shows. A decade later, Rob and the Jonas Brothers finally started sharing this supposedly life-changing popcorn with the world. And while they have other flavors, like original and BBQ, they just dropped Priyanka’s Mumbai Nights, which apparently has “all the great salty + sweet flavors from Rob’s original recipe with the addition of savory spices inspired by Priyanka’s home country, India.” Why does this sound so McFricken good? Now I desperately want to try the Jonas Brothers’ popcorn to see if the Jo Bros are as good at this type of pop as they are at the other kind. Also, I’m a Sucker for good ol’ flavor-blasted popcorn. And this stuff is supposedly a flavor-packed doozy.

One reviewer online said the Priyanka popcorn is “seasoned with a secret spice mix formula that is said to include turmeric, red bell pepper, carrot, onion, and garlic powder,” and that each piece of the vibrant yellow popcorn “boasts a deeply earthy curry spice with nuttiness and warmth,” as well as a touch of sweetness. In other words, this stuff sounds divine and I will be poppin’ on down to the grocery store this week and giving this stuff a try because my current answer to “Who’s in your head?” is this Jonas Brothers popcorn.

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