I Hate Pumpkin Spice But I Love This One Pumpkin Spice Product

That’s right: I hate pumpkin spice. Deal with it!

To me, it’s too sweet but also too cinnamon-y and overwhelming. It’s just not my vibe. I’ve even written about flavors that should replace pumpkin spice. I understand why people like it, though! It’s a strong flavor and seasonal products are so fun. And while I’ve never enjoyed pumpkin spice, I still try pumpkin spice flavored foods. Who knows? I might find something I like! It turns out, I was right to keep an open mind. I finally found a pumpkin spice food I enjoy. If this could turn me into a fall flavor-loving, pumpkin spice-consuming person, imagine what it could do for you, a person who, presumably, actually enjoys pumpkin spice!

Jordan’s Pumpkin Spice Pick: Good & Gather Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Granola

Good & Gather Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Granola has a pumpkin spice flavor for pumpkin spice haters. It is definitely sweet, but it has this wonderful, savory quality to it that I absolutely love. The oat clusters are seasoned with cinnamon, sugar, ginger, and turmeric, which gives it a beautiful yellow color. My favorite thing about this seasonal Target pumpkin spice item is that it has pepitas (aka pumpkin seeds) mixed in with the oats. What a nice touch! Overall, this is a phenomenal granola. I want to make samosa chaat and top it with this pumpkin pie granola. It would also be good on vanilla yogurt along with bananas, though. I love a product that can be used in a bunch of different ways and this is definitely that. I am so sad that this is a limited edition flavor and I pray that they at least will bring it back, exactly the same, next year. If not: Target, you’ll be getting an email from me.

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