Gatorade’s First Ever Mystery Flavor Has Been Revealed

UPDATE: The mystery was fun while it lasted, but the brand has revealed that its mystery flavor is…drumroll, please…Blackberry Raspberry! Interestingly, you can still enter a guessing game on Gatorade’s website through January 30, 2024, for a chance to win Gatorade merch. The football-themed bottles of opaque white mystery juice started rolling out in August, but should still be on shelves as of now. Did you try it? And if you did, did you guess correctly? Let us know in the comments.

August 24, 2023: Ah, mystery flavors. They can be anything from a sexy “Guess the Flavor” PR stunt to a decidedly less sexy “We needed something to do with the slurry of flavors created in our manufacturing process, so here ya go.” And while they both have their merits for the company involved, for us, the consumers, the PR stunt is SO much more fun. I love guessing the flavors of things. One could even call it a hobby of mine. So, when I heard that this month Gatorade is taking a page out of MTN Dew’s book and giving us Gatorade Mystery Flavor, ooooooh hoo hoo, y’all already know I had to tell you about it.

When and where can I find this Gatorade mystery flavor? Does anyone have an idea what it might be? What color is it? Is there any chance it tastes like Sherlock Holmes?

You can find it in stores near you! In fact, it started rolling out on August 14. And you can go to the Gatorade website to guess what the flavor might be. Whether or not you guess correctly, you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes to win some Gatorade swag. But if you do guess correctly, you’re in the running for the grand prize, which is a trip to the Super Bowl or a College Football National Championship game. This all ends on November 5, when the grand prize entry window closes and the flavor’s identity is announced to the world. How very MTN Dew VOOdew of them. Like many mystery-flavored things, Mystery Flavor Gatorade is an opaque-ish white, much like Frost Glacier Cherry flavor. As for flavor, the internet has yet to reach a solid consensus (although there is one five-star review on Gatorade’s website that simply says, “It’s great and it’s a mystery.”) If you’re desperate to get to the bottom of this mystery but haven’t seen this bev in stores yet, you can actually buy a six pack of bottles on Gatorade’s website.

I have not yet tried this mysterious milky-white hydration aid myself, but I must, as the good journalist that I am, conclude that it tastes like Sherlock Holmes. I have no idea what that means, even to me, but hey. Schrödinger’s Gatorade, am I right? Until I actually try it, it tastes like both Sherlock Holmes and not Sherlock Holmes, and that’s just science.

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