6 Aldi Finds We Can’t Wait to Try This August

Whoever invented the Aldi/Trader Joe’s business model is a genius. They make a bunch of really unique frozen items, snack foods, and other things that you can’t get anywhere else, they sell them for a couple months out of the year, and then you just have to wait (and wait and wait), and stock up on other new things you’ve fallen in love with. Then suddenly, after you’ve waited some more, your favorite item comes back and you STOCK UP LIKE A MADMAN. No? Just me at Trader Joe’s in the fall? Either way, Aldi just dropped their new and returning items that are coming into rotation this August and boy is there a lot to look forward to. Here are six Aldi finds we want to try this August.

Sundae Shoppe Non-Dairy Oatmilk Ice Cream Pint – Mango Coconut

This item is new as far as I can tell, and I am a sucker for a new non-dairy ice cream. If you are like me and dairy makes your insides rebel like an Australian actress, then this might be something you want to try this summer! Personally, I am a fan of oat milk ice cream, and the combination of mango and coconut seems like it would go well with the oatyness of it all. ($3.49, available August 16)

Season’s Choice Steamed Elote Style Corn

This one is back for the summer and I’m dying to try it. Instant elote-seasoned corn?! Sign me the heck up. On the packaging, they describe it as fire-roasted sweet corn with cotija, Monterey Jack, and chili spice, and I can’t wait to steam some of this up, throw a little lime on there, and see if it lives up to my expectations. ($2.49, available August 23)

Simply Nature Fall Flavored Fruit Strips – Pumpkin Spice

I want to be clear: I don’t know if this sounds good to me or not. Pumpkin spice fruit leather? But whether these are good or not, they are back for spooky season (which I guess starts in August now?), and I need to try them because I have this thing where I need to try every pumpkin spice product I see, even though half the time they are disgusting (yes, I have brought it up with my therapist, no they did not care). I could see these being okay if the fruit leather was apple based? Maybe? Only time will tell. ($5.99, available August 23)

Parkview Chili Cheese Smoked Sausage

These chili-cheese smoked sausages are back for the summer and boy do they sound good. I feel like the mix of spices, smokiness, and cheesy richness would make these an excellent addition to any late-summer cookout. ($2.99, available August 30)

Benton’s Coconut Rolls

Okay, these just sound divine. They are those little wafery rolls that usually come in a can, but they are coconut flavored with little black sesame seeds on them, and they are back for 2023, baybee! Or at least they are back for this August. I have an inexplicable urge to buy these and then sit on a beach drinking a cappuccino and nibbling a coconut roll while watching the sunrise. Am I on the wrong coast for that? Yes. Will I make the trek east just to fulfill this dream? Honestly, maybe. ($3.99, available August 9)

Sundae Shoppe Vanilla Ice Cream Macarons

These are new as far as I can tell and they look so elegant! Let’s be real: Macarons look beautiful, but usually the most interesting thing about them is their texture. Yes, I am saying most macarons are flavorless. Come at me, France. But these actually look pretty bomb. Why, you ask? Because they are filled with ice cream, and ice cream tastes like things (in this case vanilla)! The combo of the almond-based cookie with the sweet, vanilla-y ice cream sounds like it will actually be pretty fantastic. Is Aldi about to change my mind about macarons? Only time will tell. ($4.95, available August 2)

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