We Tried the New Buffalo Cheetos

Even though there are plenty of Cheetos flavors out there, we were due for a new one, a real one—not one of those seasonal cinnamon-sugar Sweetos, but a real, snackable, savory new Cheetos flavor. And here it is: Buffalo Cheetos have arrived—and they’re crunchy, too, which is the best kind of Cheetos. I snagged a bag from the highest shelf of a nearby grocery store (actually, a very nice, very tall man snagged it for me) to get a taste. Read on to find out if this new Cheetos flavor should stay or go.

buffalo cheetos

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Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo

I won’t beat around the Cheetos bush (it’s where Cheetos grow, we all know that), I really like this new Cheetos flavor. Buffalo Cheetos are spicy, crunchy, and very good. It’s hard to stop eating them. But I wouldn’t say they were particularly Buffalo-y. But does that actually matter? Let’s break it down. 

Pros: As I mentioned, the overall flavor of Buffalo Cheetos is quite good. Upon first bite, you immediately get the sensation and flavor of butter—a key ingredient in Buffalo sauce. Then, you’re hit with heat, which makes its presence known but isn’t overwhelming. The crunch factor is excellent. I could easily eat a whole bag of these, which I certainly can’t say for the far too citric acid-y Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. 

Cons: They don’t really taste like Buffalo sauce. Yes, there’s that butter flavor, but there’s not enough vinegary tang. If you were blindfolded and asked what flavor these were supposed to be, I really doubt you’d say, “Buffalo sauce.” I think you’d say this was a delicious new hot Cheetos flavor. There’s also not a ton of cheesiness. Cheetos are supposed to be cheesy. 

All that said, if you ignore the fact that these are supposed to taste like Buffalo sauce, I think this new Cheetos flavor is a winner. And if you disagree, I’ll see you in the comments.




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