What We Know So Far About K-Wave, the First New Coke Flavor of 2024

If you are anything like me, then you are wondering how we almost got all the way through January without an announcement of a wackadoodle new Coca-Cola Creations flavor, like Pixel or Transformation or +XP or Futuristic or Veracity, or Love or “Time Itself.” Don’t worry, Coca-Cola just revealed the first new flavor of 2024. It was down to the wire but here it is folks, the new Coca-Cola Creations (or is it Coca-Cola Creations’ Monster?) will be called K-Wave.

Amazing, great, love it. What in the flippin’ heck is a K-Wave?

Great question. The short answer is we don’t know. The slightly longer answer is, according to an image of the can that was shared by beverage news Instagram account @SodaSeekers, it is “Fruity Fantasy flavored.” And while my personal favorite fantasy fruit is always going to be blue raspberry, I know many people (incorrectly, I might add) don’t share my opinion on this matter. And because of that, I truly don’t know what the flavor of this stuff will be.

This will be the first Coca-Cola Creations flavor to be released in 2024, and rumor has it that it might only be available outside of the United States. Still, others have speculated that the name K-Wave means this will be a somehow K-pop-related release—but for now, we don’t have quite enough information to say that with full confidence. We at least know that it will come in 12 ounce slim cans just like Coca-Cola Move did, and there may be other formats coming our way, but we will have to wait and see. The can image looks a lot like the “futuristic” Coke flavor Y3000 in its color palette, but I have to assume it will taste pretty different. And if K-pop is the future (and it may well be), then maybe it have a flavor often found in Korean beverages, like peach, yogurt, lychee, or mango? And maybe it will have a celebrity endorsement (Jungkook??!?!)? Or maybe we’re on the wrong track altogether and the K stands for something else, like “cola” but spelled with a K like kola nut? Only time will tell, but you can bet I will be buying a 12-pack the minute it’s out (provided it comes out in the U.S.). I simply MUST know what this stuff tastes like—I’ve got to catch the wave.  

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  • sorry the email messed up. its jason@allianceindustrial.com

  • Ok Jessica. Neat fact(s). I work for a conveyor company out of Lynchburg, VA and I just did a line in Fruitland, ID that ran the K-Wave for South Korea so you are correct, it’s only available outside the US. The plant in SK couldn’t do it so they asked Swire Coke Fruitland, ID. to step in. The only made 3,000 cases…..that’s right! Only 3,000. I actually have 1 full can and 1 sealed empty. The taste is very different but you are correct again. It’s fruity as crap lol. Shoot me an email and I’ll send you some close up pictures.