Kraft Singles Launching 3 New Gourmet Singles Flavors

The Kraft Single: A staple in after-school grilled cheeses or even enjoyed alone as a midnight snack—unwrapped and devoured in an instant. While this yellow square of comfort never quite left, it is now making headlines with three snazzy new looks: Jalapeño, Garlic & Herb, and Caramelized Onion. 

As a response to the 20% surge in sales observed in flavored cheese slices—a statistic I am proud to have contributed to—Kraft has created these tantalizing new flavors. It’s the first time the brand has ever released such bold takes on the classic cheese. Kraft introduced Sharp Cheddar and Pepper Jack in 2017, but this trio of flavors is a totally new take on cheese slices. This array of flavors didn’t come out of nowhere. Apparently, according to Kraft, consumers have gosh darn demanded spicy, garlicky, and savory.

What do I do with flavored Kraft Singles?

I’m glad you asked. Besides zhuzhing up your standard ham and cheese sandwich into a beacon of hope in the middle of your 9 to 5, these flavored cheese slices open the door for many delicious opportunities. 

A Jalapeño Kraft Single works on top of a steak sandwich or melted on top of tortilla chips for spicy and cheesy nachos fit for any occasion. 

Garlic & Herb works perfect for makeshift garlic bread. A mere slice or two lets you pretend you went through the process (and price) of gathering and chopping every fancy green herb known to man without the guilt of the remainder of the herbs wilting and going to waste over the next few days.

And lastly, but definitely not least, Caramelized Onion might be the key to making any burger feel gourmet, or, at the very least, like you just came out of the In-and-Out drive through without the driving. Plus, think of any patty melt or specialty macaroni and cheese that asks you to sweat and toil over the stove for half an hour just to caramelize some onions, when it could be as simple as unwrapping and placing a slice of cheese where needed.

If you’re looking to be at the metaphorical ribbon cutting ceremony of these new flavors, wait no longer, as all three flavors will be available in packs of 16 slices starting this month at retailers nationwide.

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