What We Know So Far About the Spankin’ New Pop-Tarts Flavor

When it comes to drawing inspiration from other breakfast treats, you could say Pop-Tarts is a cereal offender (sorry). In late 2021, everyone’s favorite toaster pastry brand launched an Eggo waffle flavor that people generally seemed to enjoy. This month, another new (but not actually new) Pop-Tarts flavor will start hitting shelves: Apple Jacks Pop-Tarts. Or, more completely, Apple Jacks Frosted Apple Cinnamon Flavor Pop-Tarts.

I gotta say, it’s almost like Pop-Tarts is running out of original flavor ideas, which is bonkers, because I just gave them a whole bunch of those a couple weeks ago (please, please give us black sesame Pop-Tarts). But it’s fine, Kellogg’s, don’t listen to me. No, actually don’t—I’m not being sarcastic, because this new flavor actually sounds great.

So, how does this work? Do new Apple Jacks Pop-Tarts taste like apple? Apple cinnamon? DO THEY HAVE APPLE JACKS INSIDE?!?

Okay, instead of asking you more questions you may not know the answer to (especially if you are reading this article to get answers to your own questions), how about I answer a few? Well, considering that the full name of the product mentions both “apple” and “cinnamon,” it’s safe to assume both flavors will be represented. Kellogg’s has told us that this new Pop-Tarts flavor “adds the delicious Apple Jacks taste to every bite of frosting, filling, and golden crust.” And you know what? I’m on board. Kellogg’s went on to say that, “complete with green and orange-sprinkled frosting,” these new pop tarts will “balance the warm cinnamon aroma and sweet apple flavor of the classic cereal to reinforce the apple-cinnalicious experience that has brought joy to breakfast-lovers for generations.” Again Kellogg’s, you had me at Apple Jacks. And if they had you too, I know what you are going to ask next: Where can I get my hands on a box of these?

They are set to hit some store shelves this week, with a larger nationwide rollout in April. I wonder how these will be different from the discontinued Apple Cinnamon Pop-tarts or Frosted Crisp Apple, Frosted Apple Fritter, and Frosted Apple Strudel flavors, all of which currently exist. Whether they are all that different or not, I sincerely hope these are as good as they sound. And hey, if they’re not, I’m 100% sure there will be more new Pop-Tarts flavors ~poppin~ down the pipeline this year. I wonder what cereal collab they’ll come up with next. I hope it’s Cracklin’ Oat Bran. Unironically. That stuff is so much better than its name sounds.

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