A New Strawberry-Flavored Sprite—Lymonade Legacy—Is Coming Soon

What’s this? More new soda releases? Always and until the end of time, baybee! But the subject of today’s news isn’t another abstract Coca-Cola flavor or Gen Z revamp of an existing product by a soda-making giant. No, today’s is simply a new flavor of a thing I didn’t even know existed: Sprite Lymonade. If this is news to you too, Lymonade has been around for four years (since 2019) and is essentially Sprite mixed with lemonade. But now, according to Instagram/Twitter soft drink fan account SodaSeekers, a second Lymonade iteration is dropping in May: Lymonade Legacy.

What does “legacy” taste like? Is this another abstract offering from Coca-Cola Co.?

According to the leaked packaging shots, it would seem that this Lymonade Legacy will be much simpler than that: Lemon-Lime, Strawberry & Lemonade. In other words, same as the normal Lymonade but with strawberry lemonade instead of plain lemonade. As for the “legacy” aspect, it would seem that refers to the celebration of 50 years of hip-hop, a call-out that will apparently be featured prominently on all of the bright pink bottles and cans.

Honestly, this new flavor sounds great. We know exactly what it is, we know what to expect, and we aren’t going in blind wondering what in the world the soda developers at Coca-Cola think “pixels” taste like and whether we will, a.) agree with their assessment, or b.) even like the flavor they’ve concocted. So, I’m actually pretty down to try this stuff. Lime and lemon simply go well with strawberry flavor and loads of sugar. But now we play the waiting game, and when this stuff launches in May (if reports are accurate), we can all try some and see if Legacy Lymonade lives up to the legacy of the Lymonade that lived before it.

UPDATE: Snack-centric Instagram account Snackolator confirmed that Lymonade Legacy is set to be released in May 2023 in 12 packs of cans and individual 20 oz. bottles, although it’s still unclear whether a Zero Sugar version will be part of the release. As Sodaseekers reported in mid-March, the limited-edition Lymonade Legacy is expected to hit stores on May 15 and be available through August 11.

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