The Ultimate Shellfish Seasoning Meets the Ultimate Fish-Shaped Cracker

Ah, Old Bay seasoning. Great on shellfish, other fish, and goldfish…crackers? That’s right, Goldfish and McCormick, the makers of the famous Old Bay Seasoning, have collaborated to bring us Old Bay Goldfish. Now some of you may be thinking “Holy heck in a hand basket! I already put Old Bay on my Goldfish! It’s like McCormick read my dod derned mind!” (Please don’t ask me why that character talks like a Mark Twain novel, it’s been a long day.)

And others of you may be thinking, “This is super interesting and fun news I think, but I also have no idea what Old Bay is.” For the latter folks, here’s a lil’ intro: 

Old Bay is not just dried bay leaves you let sit out in the sun for a while, or a spot on the coast where the ocean comes into the land a lil bit (and also that land formation happens to be old). No, Old Bay is so much more than that. A mix of black pepper, paprika, celery salt, red pepper flakes, and many more herbs and spices make up this glorious seasoning often used for shellfish boilin,’ chicken seasonin,’ and literally anything else people want to use it for. It’s an all-purpose spice mix just like Herbes de Provence, five spice, or Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute. And people really seem to love it. The collab Goldfish will be swimming around stores for a limited time only, and the packaging is Goldfish packaging’s shape with the look and color scheme of a container of Old Bay. It’s very cute. 

Cheese Cracker Off: Goldfish vs. Cheddar Bunnies

It’s time for a good ol’ fashioned Cheese Cracker Off! For this competition, we pitted the two animal-shaped cheese crackers closest to my heart against each other: Goldfish and Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies. 

Goldfish has done collaborations with other brands before (a lot of Disney, y’all), but just last year they collaborated (again with McCormick) to make Frank’s RedHot Goldfish which was wildly popular (they were the fastest-selling cracker launch of Summer 2021). They don’t, however, have a huge amount of collaborations when it comes to other food brands, so this could be an exciting new path for Goldfish to take! First stop McCormick, next stop, THE WORLD! If I’m being completely transparent though, I can’t say I’ve had Old Bay Seasoning. Or at least, I don’t remember having had it. But that’s just all the more reason to buy these things and try them out. They are Goldfish (I am a fan) and they are Old Bay flavored (something I’d like to try). It’s a double whammy!

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