New Old El Paso Churro Cornbread Mix Puts a Sweet Spin on a Classic

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a churro made love to and had a baby with a pan of cornbread? No? Oh, okay! Well, I’m here to report that if a churro and cornbread had sweaty, passionate intercourse that led to reproduction, you’d wind up with a piping hot pan of this new Old El Paso Cinnamon Churro Cornbread. 

Cornbread mix is an excellent convenience food, but if you have been considering ditching the Jiffy to take your cornbread in a decidedly desserty direction, this is a fun new option. We enlisted professional baker and Mythical Kitcheneer Trevor Evarts to whip up a pan of this new churro cornbread, even though a seven year old with bad motor skills could probably pull it off. Here’s what we thought of this churro-cornbread spawn.

old el paso churro cornbread review

New Product!

Old El Paso Cinnamon Churro Cornbread Mix

The team was pretty torn on this stuff. My colleague Jordan Myrick’s main question was, “What is this for?” It’s too sweet to eat as a side with a bowl of chili but it’s still cornbread—so you might not immediately peg it as a dessert. Personally? I like it.

Pros: I tasted this fresh out of the oven and it’s very sticky-sweet. It’s like a dense, sweet cake but with that signature cornbread graininess. I recognize that doesn’t sound good, and several taste testers definitely thought it was a bit too weird. But if you think of this as a dessert rather than cornbread, it works. There’s plenty of cinnamon flavor. And if you serve this with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream, it’s a super fun taco night dessert. All you need is an egg and some water and you get a dish that gives the impression that you baked even if you didn’t really bake. 

Cons: While I thought the texture of the bread was pleasantly dense and chewy because it’s sugary, some tasters thought it was a bit gummy. Nothing a little vanilla ice cream won’t fix. Even the churro cornbread skeptics agreed that this stuff is pretty good for being so easy to make.




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