Here’s What We Think About the New Olipop Ginger Ale

The latest addition to the lineup of Olipop flavors is…drum roll…ginger ale! Okay, it doesn’t sound very exciting. It’s not lychee chamomile or sangria or cayenne pineapple (you’re welcome for all of those ideas, Olipop), but it was a glaring omission in the prebiotic soda’s original flavor  offerings. They make grape soda, cola, orange soda, cream soda, lemon lime, root beer, and even a take on Dr Pepper called Doctor Goodwin. Ginger ale was nowhere to be seen—until now. But is Olipop Ginger Ale any good? We snagged a pale green can to find out.

olipop ginger ale

New Olipop Flavor!

Olipop Ginger Ale

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge Olipop diehard like other folks (Mythical Kitchen’s Josh Scherer is one of them). I’ll drink one if it’s around, for sure, but my fridge isn’t stocked with Olipop—but I do love ginger ale and ginger beer. Give me a spicy soda! So, Olipop had a lot stacked against it with the new Olipop Ginger Ale. But…it’s awesome. It’s so good! When you crack open the can, it smells really gingery. And the flavor is like a hybrid of ginger ale and ginger beer and fresh ginger juice—with a hint of apple juice. I checked the label and I think that apple-y note comes from the quince juice concentrate. What a fun addition! It won’t satisfy you if you’re craving Canada Dry ginger ale or even Reed’s ginger beer, but that’s okay. Olipop ginger ale is its own thing and it’s a very good thing. If you do like gingery drinks, this is also a great entry point for Olipop. It doesn’t have as much of that probiotic, fermented tang that some other Olipop flavors have. It’s easy drinkin’ and, with just 50 calories per can, it’s a good compromise between full sugar soda and diet. In short, Olipop Ginger Ale was worth the wait.

Credit: Liv Averett / Olipop




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