Our Honest Review of Pillsbury Banana Bread…from a Tube!

You know the beautiful thing about Pillsbury? They will never stop putting raw dough in a tube. When news broke last summer that they would be doing exactly that, only with banana bread, we were enthralled. Antsy with anticipation. We promised ourselves we would try this elusive Pillsbury banana bread batter—and we finally did, with the help of Mythical Kitchen’s Trevor Evarts. Thanks, Trevor, for your baking expertise and helping us fulfill our personal goals. (I also got to eat a whole loaf of banana bread in one sitting, which is definitely a personal goal.)

Before we get into it, let me say my peace: The best part of Pillsbury’s refrigerated cookie dough is that you can eat it raw. If you disagree with that statement, I guess we can still be friends, but I probably won’t ever trust you with any of my secrets. Now, obviously, this is not cookie dough, this is bread dough. In general, bread dough is too goopy to eat raw, so there is absolutely no reason for me to be disappointed, logically. But somehow…I am? Anyway, I just needed to be open and honest with you all before I get into this review, so thank you for listening. 

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Pillsbury Banana Bread Batter Cut and Squeeze

We can confidently say this banana bread is potluck-approved. Considering all you have to do is squeeze this Pillsbury banana bread batter out of a tube and into a loaf pan, toss that sucker in the oven for an hour, and call it a day, it’s pretty damn good. Does it beat homemade banana bread? Of course not. Nothing beats homemade banana bread, you psycho. Why would you even ask that?

Pros: For me, the worst crime banana bread can commit is being too dry—and this little guy comes out moist. (I know that’s the internet’s least favorite word, but it simply must be used in this context.) Speaking from experience here, even if you over-bake it by a few minutes (whoops), it’s still spongey and decadent on the inside. Keep in mind, though, since the batter doesn’t include any additional ingredients, the texture is a little one-note. But that’s where you come in. This batter makes for a great base to add raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, extra spices—whatever you want. But on its own, the flavor is still rich, nutty, and banana-forward.

Cons: The bread is gray. I thought it best to come right out and say it. I don’t know why it’s gray, Trevor doesn’t know why it’s gray, but that’s the color you see when you slice into the loaf. The flavor also has a slight chemical aftertaste. It’s the kind you only notice once someone brings it up, so sorry for being that person to you, reader. But I wouldn’t be giving it 8/10 Sporks if the other flavors didn’t make up for it. For bread in a tube, this stuff delivers. 




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  • And yet it’s made with bioengineered ingredients as all Pillsbury products are. Dealbreaker for me.

  • How do you mix raisins or walnuts in the batter? Widowed man here, not much cooking experience.

  • Why wouldn’t you show us the grey bread? 😭

  • I liked the bread in a tube. Mine didn’t turn out gray though. Not sure id make it again as homemade banana bread is easy to make.

  • The apple bread is also good. We just made it the night before last. I was actually surprised how also…moist it was. And great cinnamon flavor.