A New Uncrustables Flavor Looks Berry Exciting

Here’s the thing. When I ask people what their favorite flavor of jam is, there is absolutely a correct answer. And yes, I do use this information to weed out new potential friends and see if they are or are not worthy of my time. What can I say? I’m ruthless and also very much in love with raspberry jam. And I believe everyone else should be, too, because I don’t have enough going on in my life so this is the hill I have chosen to die on. Anyways, this being my main core belief, you can probably guess how I feel about the fact that there is currently no Raspberry Uncrustables option on the market. But that all changed this week. Smucker’s must have received all of my emails, calls, faxes, messenger pigeons, and wishes on various celestial objects because this fall it’s finally happening: Peanut Butter & Raspberry Spread Uncrustables.

When can we get these Raspberry Uncrustables? What will they taste like? And most of all, how happy are we on a scale of eleven to eleven?

So here’s the thing. There is absolutely no way that these could be bad. I mean, we’re talking about Raspberry Uncrustables, for cryin’ out loud! Plus, there’s the whole “with a name like Smucker’s, it has to be good” thing, and an advertisement has never lied to me before, so I feel like these things “has to be good.” But even so, we can’t know for sure until we try them, and we can’t try them until they come out in stores, which food news Instagram account @candyhunting tells us won’t be until September 2024, according to J.M. Smucker’s. That said, this new Uncrustables flavor isn’t 100% new—back in 2012, Smucker’s released Whole Wheat Raspberry Uncrustables, which were discontinued shortly thereafter for reasons unknown. I couldn’t find anything negative about them online, it could just be that Smucker’s wanted to cut down on the number of flavors being offered at the time for one reason or another. Regardless, I’m certainly hoping that this time the new Uncrustables sporting the single best jam flavor ever stick around a bit longer because it’s not 2012 anymore and now I am an adult with income and if I want my freezer to be a trove of nothing but Raspberry Uncrustables, that is something I could (hypothetically, don’t worry mom) choose to do.

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