Everything We Know About This Year’s Red Bull Winter Edition

The weirder the flavor, the sooner that flavor will end up revealed on the internet. Case in point: While this year’s Curuba-Elderflower Red Bull Summer Edition only leaked two months ahead of the planned May launch, this year’s Red Bull Winter Edition has leaked a full eight months early. 

According to a report from STACK3D, this year’s Winter Edition will be available from November 2024 through April 2025. While this flavor may be available in a zero-sugar format in foreign markets, there are no plans for a sugarfree version to be released stateside. This flavor will be sold anywhere you normally find Red Bull’s extended lineup—groceries, gas stations, convenience stores, pretty much everywhere.

Enough of the release plans, what’s the flavor!?

According to a leaked can render verified by multiple members of the Red Bull subreddit, Red Bull Winter Edition 2024 will be “Iced Gummy Bear” flavored. There’s two ways to read the word “iced” in that flavor. Should we expect the taste of a gummy bear topped with icing? Are we getting a gummy bear-flavored Red Bull with a cooling effect like menthol? Was anyone asking for either of those ideas specifically? I’m hoping the “Iced” is just to add a little winter theming.

At least the “Gummy Bear” part is a proven concept. While a candy flavor may be new territory for Red Bull, plenty of other energy drink companies have already released great flavors based on gummies (and even the other way around). Ghost Energy has official flavors based on Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids, G FUEL sells “Grape Gummiez” Energy exclusively at Sheetz, and Bucked Up Energy’s “White Gummy Deer” is legitimately one of my top three energy drink flavors of all time. I have high hopes for this new Red Bull—assuming they’re keeping menthol out of this.

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