Rhett & Link Try Every Flavor of Cheez-It

On a 2022 Gut Check episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link tried every single Cheez-It flavor (yes, all 23 of ‘em) to see which was the best, aka the Cheez Kneez (or “legged Cheez-Its” as Link called them). And while there were a ton of great Cheez-It flavors out there (the 101-year-old cracker brand has had ample time to innovate), the four products that came out on top put the it in Cheez-It as the veritable “it girls” of the Cheez-It world. So, without further fondue, let’s cut to this four-cheese extravaganza.

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Cheddar Jack

When Rhett & Link revisited this flavor at the end of the video, Link just said, “Wow,” and Rhett chimed in with, “I mean, that’s great.” These were so much cheesier than Original Cheez-Its, in the best possible way. Once R&L ate these, it was hard to go back to the plain ones, which Rhett likened to moving on from one significant other to a better one, then trying to go back to the first one when you break up with the second one. In other words, you realize they’re just not as good. Link even said he’d “never felt more confident about a Gut Check.” This flavor is just that good. The Sporked crew loved this Cheez-It the most, too.

White Cheddar

Both guys also agreed that White Cheddar Cheez-Its, much like Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its, are superior to the original because they have that good, cheesy nuance (aka powdered flavor dust). Link said “Ooooh yeah!” upon trying these, and Rhett agreed they might be a little bit better than the Original. Just a littttle bit, but definitely better.

Original Cheez-It

Rhett said that when he eats Cheez-Its, he usually gets two in his mouth at a time because he likes the feeling of them crushing against each other. Link tried out this method and agreed it’s the best way to Cheez-It. They both thought these were super solid, and Rhett liked the “yeasty quality” these ones have. Link didn’t quite taste that yeastiness, but either way, they both liked these.

Extra Big

How big are Extra Big Cheez-Its? Twice as big as the Original? Four times? Maybe 693,286,091 times? Nope, they’re like 1.5 times the size of normal Cheez-Its—but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. According to my calculations, that’s still more Cheez-It per Cheez-It than the average Cheez-It, so it’s still a win! Rhett said these “stink of marketing,” and that may be true, but they also stink of cheese. They are Cheez-Its, after all. However, when you try to stack two of these like Rhett does with the Original variety, it’s too much for one mouth, which definitely counted against them. The flavor is the same for the most part, although Link thought they were not as light and flaky as regular ol’ Cheez-Its. Also, and perhaps most significantly, Link noted that these have “five buttholes” on them instead of the standard one butthole that we know and love. Really, these are the same as Original, just extra big.

Honorable mentions: Rhett liked the Hot and Spicy flavor due to its nice jalapeño notes. Rhett liked the Extra Toasty flavor and said it was pleasantly crispy, but Link hated it and said it tasted burnt. To eacheez own, I guess!

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