Rhett & Link Try Every Skittles Flavor

In this sugary Gut Check episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link scored each flavor of Skittles from 1 to 100 based on their gut reactions alone. The pair tried a total of 35 flavors from across the Skittles multiverse—that includes original, Skittles gummies, and specialty bags, like Wild Berry, Tropical, Sour, and Smoothie. Rhett & Link are exceptionally fond of grape, but with so many grape variations out there, will a newer contender beat the OG? And speaking of new contenders, will the recently revived lime flavor stand a chance? The sad news is it won’t, but it sure is fun to dream. Check out Rhett & Link’s top three Skittles flavors below!

Grape Gummy

After trying the grape gummy alongside their beloved OG grape Skittle, Rhett & Link realized that gummy is the wave of the future. Link ranked this flavor high with a score of 71, and Rhett also gave it a high score of 83, although he was disappointed that it wasn’t as good as the green apple gummy. Rhett was surprised by the feel of the gummy batch of Skittles, but pleasantly so. “It’s the perfect texture,” he said. Link agreed and asserted that “it’s a firm gummy, but it’s not the firmest.” Who wants a rock-hard gummy anyway?

Green Apple Gummy

“That’s good, that’s real good.” Those were the first words Rhett uttered after trying the green apple-flavored Skittles gummy for the first time. After trying it in the final round, Rhett asserted that the green apple gummy is better than the grape gummy, which is quite the shock knowing how much these two love grape-flavored things. Although Rhett was taken aback by Link’s initial lack of consultation, the two agreed that the green apple gummy (which Rhett refers to as “sour apple,” although that may be misleading) is better than the grape gummy. The green apple gummy originally earned a score of 70 from Link and an 87 from Rhett. High marks, indeed.

Sour Grape

Rhett & Link were blown away by Sour Skittles, sour grape in particular. “It grips you and then it leaves you in a grape zone,” Link said, still in the zone. Rhett was in love with the sour makeover of their beloved grape Skittle. “I love the sour, man. It takes a little bite out of you and then licks you a little bit,” he said. Rhett & Link gave the sour grape Skittle a score of 77 and 79, respectively. This decision was unanimous as Rhett announced, “The best Skittles flavor you can have is sour grape.” Good times and sour grape Skittles were had by all. (And, hey, the Sporked crew really loves Sour Skittles, too.)

Honorable Mention: Original grape made it all the way to the finals, but didn’t quite squeeze through to the top three. Regardless, grape earned high marks from Rhett & Link, who scored it 76 and 87, respectively. “It’s like a grape Fanta,” Link commented early on. He did also note, however, that compared to the sour grape Skittle, the original seemed harder to chew. Still, 87 is quite high in terms of Link’s scores—good thing he had his Skittles themed scoring chart to help him out! Au revoir, original grape. We’re off to bigger and grapier things.

Rhett & Link also tried:

Original: strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, grape

Wild Berry: berry punch, melon berry, wild berry strawberry, wild cherry, raspberry

Tropical: mango tangelo, banana berry, pineapple passionfruit, strawberry starfruit, kiwi lime

Sour: sour strawberry, sour orange, sour lemon, sour lime, sour grape

Smoothie: blueberry smoothie, peach guava smoothie, raspberry smoothie, mango smoothie, strawberry banana smoothie

Gummy: orange, strawberry, lemon, green apple, grape 

Wild Berry Gummy: berry punch, melon berry, wild berry strawberry, wild cherry, blue raspberry

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