Are Foods Better in Their Hard or Soft Forms? Rhett & Link Investigate

On today’s episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link try to read the minds of tens of thousands of opinionated Mythical Beasts. The question in question? Are the hard or soft versions of foods more popular? Their method of guessing? A nifty little adjustable pie chart. Will they be able to guess what the public prefers or will their own preferences cloud their judgment? Here’s how it all went down:

Soft Pretzels vs. Hard Pretzels

Rhett & Link’s Preference: Soft

For the first round, the guys tried to determine whether Mythical Beasts would prefer soft or hard pretzels. Rhett was adamant that he is “a soft guy when it comes to a pretzel,” but Link wasn’t particularly opinionated. Though he eventually agreed with Rhett that the soft pretzels are better, Link first stated, “Pretzels don’t have a place in my life. When I go to the mall, I just wanna get out of there.” Link’s apparent fear of malls led Rhett to emphasize the different occasions in which you’d eat a soft pretzel or a hard pretzel. He started by setting the scene: “It’s a pretzel night.” Ooh la la. Then he pointed to the hard pretzels, saying, “This is not anything to get excited about…You get yourself a soft pretzel, you’re treating yourself.” Their final guess? The Mythical Beasts prefer soft pretzels—62.5% of them, to be precise.

Official Poll Results: 87% for Soft, 13% for Hard

Boneless Wings vs. Bone-In Wings

Rhett’s Preference: Boneless

Link’s Preference: Neither

The boneless wings caused quite the stir between the guys (and a few opinionated rants). Rhett said, “I know it’s more respectable to like the bone-in wing…I don’t know if it’s just I’m getting old and I’m getting lazy, I’ve started really liking the boneless.” Rhett—the former “hot-headed chicken wing man,” as Link called him—admitted that he used to make fun of people who ordered boneless wings, but now realizes that a boneless wing is just “a nugget” and that he prefers nuggets. Link refused to say which he prefers, but he argued back: “If I’m gonna get wings, I don’t want a glorified nugget.” Fair enough, Link. Their final guess was that 60% of Mythical Beasts preferred bone-in wings.

Official Poll Results: 61% for Boneless, 39% for Bone-In

Soft Shell Tacos vs. Hard Shell Tacos

Rhett’s & Link’s Preference: Soft

“There’s a clear answer here in terms of which one is actually better,” Rhett said. “Once you move to California, and you have incredible tacos…you know that the answer for what’s actually better is soft tacos.” He guessed that people in the Midwest and South probably prefer hard tacos since those are the standard in those regions, but held that they are “an Americanized thing.” While Link wasn’t particularly opinionated this round, he said that he always orders a soft taco. Together, they agreed that 70% of Mythical Beasts would be in favor of the soft taco.

Official Poll Results: 71% for Soft, 29% for Hard

Floppy Pizza Slices vs. Crispy Pizza Slices

Rhett’s & Link’s Preference: Floppy

Rhett voiced some concern about the wording of the fourth round: “Floppy is a negative word.” He chose to reinterpret “floppy” as something with a bit of fold and give to it, which led Link to claim that “most pizza is floppy.” But like the last round, the guys were faced with a cultural phenomenon that might skew the vote. Rhett said that thinner, crispier pizza is becoming increasingly popular because “carbs have decreased in popularity.” So, was this conundrum enough to sway their prediction? Nope. They were so convinced that the Mythical Beasts preferred floppy pizza that they guessed 70% of people voted for it.

Official Poll Results: 59% for Floppy, 41% for Crispy

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