Rhett & Link Rank Slim Jim Flavors

Oh, snap, it’s Slim Jim time! That’s not their slogan, I just wanted to say it. Why? Because on a 2021 episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link tried all of the Slim Jim flavors, and today we’re going to take a stroll through their top four picks to see which meat sticks stuck out as the snackiest, snappiest Slim Jims of them all.

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Rhett said, “I’m havin’ a good time, pull over” (which you’ll get when you read about their #3 pick). With this Slim Jim, R&L were missing the girth of the monster sticks and the and “well-rounded honeyness” of the BBQ stick, and concluded that while this stick was good, it was not as good as the Original. Link was affected by the spice (and still feeling the last spicy stick) and simply said, “I’m hurting,” but then gave it a really high score.

Hot AF Monster Stick

Rhett immediately said, “That’s doing so many things for me that I enjoy.” Both Rhett & Link liked that this one had “so much heat, so much girth.” Slim Jim (who I assume is the CEO of Slim Jims) is not playing around with this flavor. Rhett and Link even thought this one might run the risk of being too hot for the average user. Rhett typically likes to eat Slim Jims while driving but noted that when it came to eating hot AF Slim Jims, “You can’t be driving and do that at the same time you gotta pull over for that one.” Link agreed that “the hot AF I would say is marketed appropriately”


Spice is needed in Slim Jims (and all processed sausages, really) and is precisely what Rhett & Link thought helped this Original flavor Slim Jim best its Mild counterpart. Rhett loved this one and even went as far as to say, “They achieved something with the Original flavor that has rarely been duplicated.”

Honey BBQ Monster Stick

This one was the number one. The sausy of the posse. The Slim Dunk. The first thing Rhett said upon seeing this monster Slim Jim was, “Oh good lord. Oh, it’s bigger,” and really didn’t think he was going to like this flavor. But, lo and behold, he did, and so did Link, and the guys were very excited to announce that this flavor had spice. And a tang. And wasn’t too too sweet. And was so much bigger than a normal Slim Jim (like three times bigger, in their estimation). And they loved it for all those reasons. Link said this one was “almost like eating a really soft, meaty tree limb,” which must be a positive thing since he rated it this highly. 

Honorable mentions: Smokin’ Mesquite Steakhouse beef steak strips – R&L agreed the name had too many words, but Link really liked it because it tastes like beef jerky which reminded him of camping. They both enjoyed the Tabasco flavor pretty well as well.

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