Gut Check! Rhett & Link Taste Every Klondike Bar

Guess what Rhett & Link decided to doo-OO-oo on a 2021 episode of Good Mythical Morning? They Tri-I-ied all of the 19 Klondike products in an episode format they like to call “Gut Check.”

Which cold, dreamy creamies reigned supreme(y) and earned the title of “Chosen Frozen”? Here are the top four according to their scores, and also some runners-up.

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Double Chocolate

When they first tried the Klondike Double Chocolate, which is essentially chocolate-coated chocolate ice cream, Rhett said, “That’s better because it’s chocolate ice cream,” and Link gave it a strong “mmhmm.” They both gave this one high marks, and at that moment, they both thought they preferred it. But once they tasted the final four candidates side by side, they ended up feeling like this one had too much chocolate and was a less balanced bar than the Original bar made with vanilla ice cream. Speaking of which …

The Original

Upon taking the first bite, Rhett said, “That’s what I remember—that’s solid.” R&L both decided it was “not the best thing they’ve ever had, but it’s good.” Link liked it more than Rhett, at least according to the score he gave it. Upon the second tasting, however, Rhett opened it up and said, “I mean look at that. It’s a beautiful experience.”

Classic Vanilla Sandwich

This was quite the upset—no one was expecting the humble ice cream sandwich to surpass the OG Klondike bar, but, hey, sometimes life throws you curve balls shaped like delicious frozen confections. Rhett took a bite and said, “I like that ice cream sandwich.” Link simply offered, “Soft…comforting….” Rhett loved “the cookie taste on the end of that with the aftertaste,” and Link agreed that it “just keeps getting better.” Upon the final taste of this treat Link praised the “pillowy pillowy cookie,” and both guys preferred it to the vanilla bar, strangely enough. They found that the chocolate cookie tastes better than just a chocolate coating.

Classic Chocolate Cone

In the upset of the century, a cone did indeed win the Klondike bar gut check. But it was well deserved. When Rhett first tasted this cone he immediately said, “That’s the best one,” while Link simply said, “Chocolate. That’s nice.” Rhett loved the complexity of the cone, what with its chocolate ice cream, sprinkle of peanuts, ribbons of chocolate on top, vanilla cone, and chocolate at the bottom of the cone. Upon the final trial of this one, Rhett said, “That is so tasty,” and even went as far as to say that it’s better than the original Drumstick. In the end, this cone “took the crown” and became the “Chosen Frozen,” but, as Link pointed out, only by a sliver.

Runners-up: Rhett called it heavenly and Link called it “sub-tle”—it’s the Klondike Cookies & Creme bar! They also liked the Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip bar, which Link called “refreshing.”

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