Is Name Brand Breakfast Food Better? Rhett & Link Find Out

On an August 2022 episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link blind taste tested a bunch of different breakfast foods to see if name brands are better or if we’ve been sleeping on some bangin’ generic breakfast food favorites that we never even considered before. So, should we still be telling people to “L’eggo our Eggos,” or will we end up changing the phrase to “L’eggo my Great Value by Walmart waffles”? Let’s crack in (get it? like eggs).

Eggo Waffles

R&L’s Favorite: Target!

They didn’t really say much when they tried the Eggos, but when they tried the Great Value waffles, they immediately noticed the smell, which Rhett described as being like if “you went fishing, you used a bucket, and then three years later, you used the bucket to store waffles.” In other words, the Walmart waffles smelled like old fish bucket. Link wholeheartedly agreed with that description, although they also both agreed that the waffles at least tasted better than they smelled. The Target waffles “smelled great and had a lot going for them,” and the Whole Foods ones were the sweetest of the four, but Rhett wasn’t a fan of the flavor. In the end, they thought the Target waffles were actually the best. So, I guess now the phrase is “L’eggo my Good & Gather waffles!”

Ore-Ida Hash Browns

Rhett’s Favorite: Walmart!

Link’s Favorite: Ore-Ida!

Rhett thought the Walmart hash browns were quite good and had a pleasant butteriness to them. Link liked the Kroger hash browns better, but Rhett thought they were less flavorful and too oily. They both agreed, however, the Whole Foods hash browns were the worst and blandest. The Ore-Ida hash browns were thicker than the others and had great flavor. Rhett preferred the Walmart ones and voted for them as the best (thinking they were name brand), while Link correctly identified the Ore-Ida hash browns based on their extreme potato-yness. He even called them “taterific.” So I guess…l’eggo my Ore-Ida and Great Value hash browns?

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

R&L’s Favorite: Walmart! (Rhett also liked Amazon)

Link thought it was going to be super easy to suss out the name brand cinnamon roll, claiming he could identify Pillsbury just by looking at them (which he actually promptly did). But what about the taste? Link thought Kroger’s cinnamon rolls weren’t bad at all, but Rhett thought they had too much cinnamon. The Happy Belly by Amazon rolls was really doughy, but Rhett actually didn’t mind that at all. When they tasted the actual Pillsbury rolls, Link liked them and Rhett said they kind of tasted like they’d been in the store too long. They liked the Walmart cinnamon rolls a lot as well and thought they tasted like the Amazon ones. Overall, they liked Walmart best and Amazon second, but also correctly identified the Pillsbury ones as Pillsbury.

Farm Rich French Toast Sticks

Rhett’s Favorite: Farm Rich!

Link’s Favorite: Aldi!

The guys tried the Walmart sticks first, and Link called them “very cinnamon-y,” while Rhett called them “very not good.” They didn’t say much about the actual Farm Rich sticks, but Rhett liked the consistency of the Kroger ones, while Link thought they were “kind of bland” and tasted a bit like cornbread. The Aldi French toast sticks were fairly sweet and cinnamon-y, which both Rhett & Link liked. As for which they thought were Farm Rich? Rhett guessed the Farm Rich sticks and Link liked the ones from Aldi.

Jimmy Dean Sausage Egg and Cheese Croissant

Best One: Safeway!

Link pointed out immediately that the Aldi breakfast sandwich looked nice and had a “nice little croissant anus.” Thanks, Link. I will never look at croissants the same way again. They didn’t find much wrong with that one, but the Safeway brand sandwich’s sausage looked more photogenic (hey, get your mind out of the gutter), and Link noted that it had a tighter “croissant anus” (okay, I guess our minds are back in the gutter). The sandwich from Safeway not only had a tighter…erm…hole, it was also much tastier and much spongier, according to the guys, and seemed more like something from a fast food place than your freezer. As for the the Jimmy Dean sandwich, Link described it as “kind of brick-like” in nature. Not only that, but both guys called it “not good” and said they would eat it if it were the “only one and they had nothing to compare it to.” The Walmart sandwich was similarly underwhelming. They surprised themselves when they discovered that the Signature Select by Safeway sandwich was the one they liked the best. So, as the saying now goes, “L’eggo my Signature Select by Safeway!”

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