A Better Butter? Rhett & Link Blind Taste Test Nut Butters

We’ve all had peanut butter, maybe even almond butter. We’ve tasted hazelnut butter in one form or another and we may have dabbled in sunflower butter for couple months sometime during the pandemic (college girl’s gonna experiment). But what are the other nut butters like? Are other butters better?

Back in June of 2020 Rhett & Link did a blind taste test to determine which of the other butters is a better butter, and, if any of the other butters are better or less bitter than the nut butter in a Nutter Butter (that is to say, peanut). Let’s get into it! I’ll start off by saying that none of these more obscure nut butters even held a candle to the classics like peanut, almond, or hazelnut. Most of these Link liked and Rhett hated or vice versa—there wasn’t really a great consensus. But If you had to choose a different butter just going on points alone, here are Rhett & Link’s faves from their blind taste test.

Pine Nut Butter

Yes, in a strange twist, their actual favorite alt nut butter was, in fact, pine nut butter. When Link first tried it, he was a little unsure. He said, “Oh that’s smooth…and odd. That doesn’t taste good to me.” Rhett agreed that it didn’t really taste good at first, but pointed out that “as it settles in, I begin to understand it. I begin to connect with it,” and Link agreed that the longer you ate this one, the better it got. So if you’re a pine nut person, definitely give this a try.

Pili Nut Butter

Now I, like Rhett & Link, had never heard of a pili nut before this either, but now I really want to try it. Rhett’s first reaction was that the pili nut butter has “got some vanilla in it. Or else, that’s what the nut tastes like.” A vanilla-tasting nut? Count me in! Link only reacted to this one by saying, “That’s a weeeird nut,” which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad! I will be trying this one someday.

Pistachio Butter

Link absolutely hated this one, but Rhett loved it, although his first reaction was to say, “That’s got some bite to it. Grabs your mouth like a glue.” Link then added, “And it tastes horrible,” to which Rhett replied, “No, it doesn’t taste horrible, I’m very fond of this.” What a rollercoaster! I think the point here is, if you like pistachios, you’ll probably like this, even if it does have a somewhat gluey texture.

The next three nuts all tied for last place. There was walnut butter, which they both thought was bitter and a little weird tasting, but Rhett liked it more than Link. There was pecan butter, which had a bitterness to it too, but Link liked it (and was able to properly identify it) because there was a pecan tree behind his Grandma’s house when he was growing up. Neither loved it and neither hated it, but Link liked this one better than Rhett. And lastly, Brazil Nut Butter. Rhett’s first reaction was “This is awful.” Link’s first reaction was “I like this one maybe the most.” Both of them agreed however that the aftertaste was odd, and the longer it sat in your mouth the worse it got. The point here is, if you like brazil nuts, you like this. If you don’t like Brazil nuts, the butter version is not going to convert you.

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