These Jet-Puffed Shoes Look Like Toasted Marshmallows for Your Feet

Just last week, we reported that Crocs and Pop-Tarts were launching a food-shoe brand collab, bringing us the item we all definitely secretly wanted: the Croc-Tart (Pop-Tart-themed Crocs). You were probably thinking to yourself, “Alright cool, we got our food-shoe collab for the year out of the way, there is no possible way this is a good enough marketing tactic that more than one company would attempt to do the exact same…” and before you could even finish that thought—WHAM!—we got another. But this time the food is Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, the shoe brand is Kizik (the slip-on shoes that don’t look like slip-on shoes), the occasion is National S’mores Day (which was August 10), and the product itself? Well, that would be s’mores shoes, of course. Specifically the Kizik Mars Roamer in the color Toasted Marshmallow. I know what you are thinking…

Do they look like s’mores? Do they taste like s’mores? Are there s’more of them left for me to buy?

Well luckily, unlike the Crocs collab that requires you to enter for a chance to purchase, you can actually go to the Kizik website right now and get yourself a pair of these pillowy, golden brown bad boys for $119 while supplies last. As for what they look like, they honest to goodness look a lot like toasted marshmallows. The soles are white and fade to a golden, toasty brown as you move up the shoe; on the heel, there’s some Jet-Puffed branding, just in case people examining your new kicks were unsure if the whole marshmallow look was purposeful or not. Plus, the shoes are airy and puffy looking, just like a floofy ‘shmallow. In that same vein, the shoes will also feature Kizik’s “Super Squish” insole, which the brands could only describe as “walking on marshmallows.” And I don’t know about you, but I would like to do that very much. Like, I’m 100% sure that’s a real dream I’ve had. And while these toasty marshmallowy-looking shoes will not actually taste like s’mores, you can eat s’mores while wearing them and, as Kizik pointed out, these shoes are “hands free, so it’s totally fine if you have sticky marshmallow fingers.”

As of right now, there are still some in stock. So, if you want to feel (and look) like you are walking on a bed of Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, then head on over to the Kizik website and get yourself some of these s’mores shoes while there are still s’more of them left and s’more days of summer in which to show them off.

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