Pop-Tarts and Crocs Are Teaming Up for…Croc-Tarts?

Watch out Brown Sugar, there’s a new Pop-Tarts flavor in town and it’s…Crocs? That’s right, in an unprecedented move in the food world, Pop-Tarts is teaming up with Crocs to not only produce a Pop-Tart-themed Croc but also a Croc-themed Pop-Tart. Now I know what you are thinking—WHY?!?!? And also how? And also what does a rubber sandal-flavored pastry even taste like? Don’t you worry, we are about to get into it and stay a while just like a foot stepping into a Croc in sport mode.

How do I acquire the aforementioned Pop-Tart Crocs and Crocs Pop-Tarts? Do they really taste like shoes? Are Crocs cool again (I can’t keep up)? Also, again, why?

First of all, I need to clear this up. The Croc Pop-Tarts are not shoe flavored, they are, in fact, unfrosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts that come with little strawberry and blueberry gummy Jibbitz charms that you can stick on top with edible glue (to make them look like Crocs). As for why the Pop-Tarts will be unfrosted, that gets into the “why” of this whole collab, which is, I kid you not, due to “a distinctive feature of both brands: holes.” That’s right, according to the press release from Kellogg’s themselves, this collab stems from the fact that both Pop-Tarts and Crocs have holes as part of their (w)hole deal. Who are they going to collaborate with next? Swiss cheese? Any Human? The plot of High School Musical 3: Senior Year? The Pop-Tart Crocs themselves are what can only be described as a distinctly pastry-esque khaki color, complete with Pop-Tart-themed Jibbitz charms to add a pop (tart) of breakfast color. The Jibbitz collection will include Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Wildberry Pop-Tarts, the silver Pop-Tarts foil wrapper, the iconic “Crazy Good” slogan, and classic Pop-Tarts logo. The kit will also include a pair of bright red strawberry-filling-inspired socks to wear with your Crocs (again, is this back in? somebody who knows, please help me navigate this).

As for how one could acquire said Pop-Tarts and Crocs, you can enter for a chance to purchase a Pop-Tarts Croc-Tarts Kit (which includes both the Croc Pop-Tarts and the Pop-Tart Crocs) at this website. They are doing additional drops on August 11, 16, and 18 with 60 kits available to purchase every day the promotion window is open. So if you are interested in purchasing one of these kits, you’d better put your Crocs in sports mode and pop on over to the entry website. It is here only while supplies last, so get poppin’!

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