We Tried New Snyder’s Hot Honey Pretzel Pieces and They Are Hot, Honey

Snyder’s came in hot this National Pretzel Day (April 26) with a new limited edition offering: Snyder’s Hot Honey Pretzel Pieces. Now, we all know that Snyder’s Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Pieces are addictive and an absolute flavor bomb, so much like all great parents are wont to do, I decided to pit the new Hot Honey Pieces against their mustardy sibling to see if one does, in fact, upstage the other. I had high hopes for these new pretzels—read on to see if they lived up to their potential or if they grew up to be a disappointment (and let me know if you want more parenting tips—I think I’m on a roll here).

snyder's hot honey pieces review

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Snyder’s Hot Honey Pretzel Pieces

Upon opening the bag, Snyder’s Hot Honey Pieces don’t smell like much at all, which made me concerned right off the bat. Appearance-wise, they’re bright orange and positively packed with powdery flavor dust, so I was still holding out hope.

Pros: Snyder’s captured the exact taste of honey in these things. That sweet, caramelly, floral flavor you get when you eat a honey stick or lick a beehive’s innards? These pretzel pieces have it, and it’s uncannily accurate, subtle, and delicious. If you like honey, or dipping pretzels in honey, you need to try these out. The spice is really pleasant, and like many hot honeys I have tried, the heat is on the finish. It’s definitely more of a back-of-your-throat spice than a mouth-on-fire spice. It balances well with the sweetness of the honey. It does in fact taste like pretzels dipped in hot honey, so I guess mission complete, Agent Snyder’s.

Cons: Now take this with a grain of salt, but that is exactly what I think these pretzels need—some (a few hundred) grains of salt. The reason I ask you to take this with a grain of salt is that my personal preference is maximum saltiness and umami in any flavor powder-blasted snack food, and while I recognize that that’s not everyone’s thing, I do believe these pretzels need just a touch more umami and more than a touch more of salt. Salt is what makes this pretzel flavor’s famous mustardy, oniony forebear so great, and is precisely why I think the honey mustard pieces are still (*gasp*) the king of pretzel pieces.




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