Sporked’s Guide to Father’s Day Food Ideas

Father’s Day: The day to celebrate dads around the world by giving them a free pass to spit dad jokes to their hearts’ content without the usual groans. But dads around the world deserve more than just an audience for their stand-up this Father’s Day—they deserve to be wined and dined like the corny kings they are. From hearty brunch ideas that show dad you learned a thing or two from his griddle skills to quick last minute gifts for a dad whose heart you can get to via his stomach, Sporked has rounded up all the best Father’s Day food ideas.

The Best Father’s Day Brunch Ideas 

father's day brunch ideas
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It’s time to give back to the grill master in your life. Whether you’re looking for meaty bacon for the carnivore in your life or the perfect pancake mix to awaken your father’s inner child, we’ve got the griddle goodies for the best Father’s Day brunch.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

father's day gift ideas
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Save the excuses—we don’t need to know who or when or why. All that matters is you need a Father’s Day gift fast, and we found just the thing at the grocery store. Now go, go, go! And get him a sixer of crispy boys while you’re at it…

The Best Beer We’ve Tried in Our Taste Tests

best beer
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I don’t think there are many things the average dad loves more than putting up his feet, watching his favorite sport or TV show, and cracking open a cold one. (Okay, maybe a household where no one touches the thermostat, but we’re not miracle workers.) There’s something on our list of the best beer for every dad. 

The Best Josh Wines

josh wine
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There’s no better way to honor your father than giving him a bottle of wine quite literally created in honor of a father. Josh wine comes in a bunch of varieties, won’t break the bank, and gives your dad the perfect opportunity to make some “just joshing you” jokes. What could be better?

The 12 Best Hot Dogs

best hot dogs
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Every dad wants to be the grill master of the family, so why not give him an advantage by getting him some quality high quality hot dogs to grill up and stun the family with? 

The Best Frozen Burgers at the Grocery Store

best frozen burgers

If your dad is less of a frankfurter fanatic and more of a burger bro, these frozen burgers will win him family favor, and he doesn’t have to spend an hour in the kitchen making patties by hand. Plus, what screams Father’s Day celebration more than dad getting to chow down on some hearty burgers fresh off the grill?

The Best Burger Seasoning for Perfect Patties

Best burger seasoning
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Of course, being the best griller in the family isn’t just a matter of how you cook a burger, it’s how you season it. Make this a special secret between you and your dad by gifting him one of these flavorful, premixed burger seasonings so the two of you can exchange a little knowing wink when people go crazy for his burgers.

14 Bottles of the Best BBQ Sauce

best bbq sauce
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I’m pretty sure most fathers dream of ribs so tender they fall off the bone and pulled pork sandwiches so full they tower like skyscrapers. Give your dad the best BBQ sauce this Father’s Day to bring him one step closer to his smoked-meat dreams.

16 Sizzling Hot Sauces We Love

best hot sauces ranked
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Dads can have a tendency to get stuck in the mundanity of life. They don’t want to try anything new, they just want routine. Getting him a bottle of one of the best hot sauces we found in our taste test can be just the thing to add some (literal) spice to life (I mean, it’s this or a motorcycle). It might even bring a tear to his eye, though that could just be the spice.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

best chocolate chip cookies

If SNL has taught us anything it’s that a fatherly guilty pleasure is sneaking an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie for himself. Instead of causing a fight over the freshly baked cookies that were meant for next week’s PTA meeting, get him his own personal stash of the most decadent, chocolatey, buttery chocolate chip cookies you can get from a grocery store.

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