Lookin’ Like a Snack? Show Us Your Best Food-Related Halloween Costumes

Since we were children, we’ve used Halloween as an excuse to dress up as something we love. Once upon a time (or maybe last year), that meant masquerading as Spider-Man or She-Ra or perhaps paying homage to the horror movie villain who made you cry the most when you were a kid (hey, ‘sup Leatherface). But if you’re like us and you’ve matured into an adult who loves food above all else, this is the Halloween contest for you.

We want to see your best food costumes from this year or years past. Whether it’s Sexy Orville Redenbacher or a bottle of sriracha, fill out the form below and attach a photo of you in your food-stume. We’ll pick a favorite and give your photo the Sporked Best of the Best treatment so you can brag to your friends on social media.

Sporked Halloween Costume Contest 2023

Max. file size: 100 MB.

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