TRUFF Star Wars Dark Side Hot Sauce Is a Force of Flavor

One rainy Tuesday morning, I came into work to find an ominous black box on my desk inscribed with a red Imperial Crest. Inside the box, a sleek black bottle of hot sauce with a cap shaped like Darth Vadar’s head stared back at me. “It’s time,” I thought. “I’m finally entering my villain era.” Of course, I was just looking at the new TRUFF hot sauce—TRUFF Star Wars Dark Side Hot Sauce—but still, this felt like my personal invitation to join the Dark Side. And I was ready. (*Cue The Imperial March.*)

A little context: TRUFF recently teamed up with Lucasfilm to make a ghost pepper and black truffle-infused hot sauce inspired by the menacing, mysterious aura of Darth Vadar. (Daddy Darth, as I like to call him.) It is, allegedly, TRUFF’s hottest hot sauce yet. Since we know ghost pepper hot sauce doesn’t mess around, I was pretty intrigued to try this. 

Before we get into this TRUFF hot sauce review, let me just say, this was a 10/10 unboxing experience. I want to take this mini Vadar with me everywhere I go. But does the taste measure up to the iconic character in question? 

Star Wars Truff Hot Sauce

New TRUFF Flavor!

Star Wars Dark Side Hot Sauce by TRUFF

“Are TRUFF hot sauces really ever that hot?” asked my colleague Jordan Myrick, before I had the chance to twist Daddy Darth’s head off the bottle and give this Sith Lord a little taste. It’s a valid question. In our experience, these luxury truffle hot sauces are less about heat and more about, you know, the truffle (and other experimental flavors). But, as it turned out, TRUFF wasn’t lying when they said this new black truffle hot sauce would be their hottest yet!

Pros: That ghost pepper is sharp. (Dare I say, it cuts like a lightsaber?) Blended with the red chili peppers and black truffle, the initial sensation is a rich, lingering heat that hits the back of your throat. But there’s a bright, fruity aftertaste and an almost ketchupy, BBQ sweetness that really rounds out the spice. You will come back for more. It’s not overwhelmingly spicy by any means, but no one can say that this ghost pepper hot sauce doesn’t have serious punch. 

Cons: TRUFF is a luxury hot sauce brand, and this is a limited inventory product targeted for Star Wars fans. It’s definitely a novelty item, meaning the price is a little steep ($40). This would make a great gift for any Star Wars fanatic, but obviously it’s not meant for everyday use. Also, given all the black packaging, it would have been pretty darn cool if the hot sauce itself was actually black. Maybe that’s asking too much, but can you imagine? I’d buy it for that reason alone.

Credit: Liv Averett / TRUFF




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