An Honest Review of the New Tapatio Ketchup

Hot sauce brand Tapatio makes everything from ramen noodles to pickles, and they just released their spicy-stuff empire to include ketchup. I already know what the comments are going to say: “You can just mix Tapatio with ketchup!” Duh. I know.

But you could say that about anything! Sriracha mayo? Just mix sriracha and mayo. Honey mustard? Just mix honey and mustard. No! They are their own thing. And Tapatio Ketchup is its own thing! We got a bottle of this new spicy ketchup to see if it’s actually worth buying.

tapatio ketchup

New Product!

Tapatio Spicy Tomato Ketchup

Yes. Full stop. It’s great! Buy this! It’s Tapatio and it’s ketchup. If you added Tapatio to your ketchup, your ketchup would get too liquidy. Plus, you have to worry about ratios. This is already done for you.

This would be wonderful on fries or a burger. Spice lovers would thoroughly enjoy dunking chicken nuggets into this. Tapatio Ketchup is a wonderful condiment that you can use for pretty much anything you’d use regular ketchup for.

I know it may seem like a silly product, but it really isn’t. Tapatio Ketchup is perfect and if loving it is wrong, I don’t want to be right. As for where you can snag a bottle, it’s currently available on Amazon and Tapatio’s website, and it should be hitting Walmart stores soon. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Credit: Liv Averett / Tapatio




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  • Hi! I love this product, especially because of the spicy meets sweet tang of it. I would like to admire Jordan mentioning that although you may be able to mix two things together, having it in it’s own bottle makes it it’s own thing.