Target Is About to Release a Bunch of New Fall Foods

Fall is a season when grocery stores and brands, from Trader Joe’s to Dunkin’ Donuts to Oreo, tend to go hard with new fall-themed flavors and products, including (of course) pumpkin spice everything.

Well, Target saw this trend and raised it, because 30-plus new fall-themed food and beverage products are joining Target’s fall lineup this year. The collection, called “Target Food & Beverage’s Harvest assortment,” covers a whole spectrum of fall-themed flavors—and don’t worry, P.S. fans, there’s plenty of pumpkin spice. It looks like Target is really hitting all the marks.

So what exactly are these 30-plus new seasonal items joining Target’s fall lineup this year?

The products span both of Target’s food and beverage brands, Good & Gather, and Favorite Day. In beverages, we have: Pumpkin Spice Hot Drink Bombs, Caramel Apple Roast Coffee, and Apple Pomegranate Sparkling Water, to name a few. The food products include: Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Crisps, White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Popcorn, a Harvest Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit, Apple Caramel Pretzel Clusters, Black Truffle Hot Sauce Potato Chips, and Maple Shortbread Cookies. That’s not even half the items. Plus, in keeping with the Target ethos, most of these items are pretty affordable. Prices start at $1.99, and most are under $5. 

As one of millions of Americans (approximately 27% of the U.S.) who consider fall their favorite season, I am genuinely excited to be tempted by all of these fall treats as I waltz my way through Target in the coming months. And this won’t be a gradual rollout that forces us to wait for the goodies to drop! Instead, all of these items drop in stores and online this coming Sunday, August 28, just in time for your annual “it’s still technically summer but I’m ready for fall already” shopping trip. 

Seeing Valentine’s Day displays in November bothers me just as much as the next gal, but seeing pumpkin spice products and Halloween displays in August? It gives my beautifully basic heart a warm and fuzzy feeling, not gonna lie. I’m not above the fall hype, and I know I’m not the only one. I believe, deep down, we all just want to be cozy, cozy kiddos, playing in leaf piles and eating candy apples, and Target’s fall lineup should help us achieve that. Plus, there is no way I am not buying something called a Pumpkin Spice Hot Drink Bomb.

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Jessica Block is a freelance contributor to Sporked, a comedian, a baker, a food writer, and a firm believer that Trader Joe's may just be the happiest place on earth. She loves spicy snacks, Oreos, baking bread, teeny tiny avocados, and trying new foods whenever she can. Also, if you give her a bag of Takis she will be your best friend.

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  • Ugh. Last year Target had a great snack mix called Scarecrow Mix. We had some and then it disappeared, never to be found again.