The Box of Popsicles You Need to Buy from Walmart This Summer

I don’t care if you’re having a family-oriented summer, a self care summer, or a hot girl summer. This summer, you must buy the Helados Mexico Mini Variety Pack at Walmart. This box of popsicles changed my summer snacking for the better and I have become completely addicted to them. If I had to pick between buying shorts for the summer and buying these popsicles for the summer, I would clear my freezer and get this box of Helados Mexico popsicles.

I first tried them in our Sporked best boxes of popsicles taste test and I was simply blown away. I had never had such a delicious frozen treat in my entire life. These Mexican-style paletas are unlike anything I’ve had from the freezer section before. They are made with a little cream and that, combined with the fresh fruit, makes it an unparalleled ice cream bar.

best low sugar popsicles

Best Low and No Sugar Popsicles

What’s the best low sugar popsicle? We tasted a bunch of the top brands on the market to find the best low and no sugar popsicles to cool you down.

You get mango, coconut, and strawberry in one pack. They are all delicious, but the strawberry flavor is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had in my time at Sporked. It’s creamy and sweet and has big chunks of soft, frozen strawberries.

Another thing I love about this box of popsicles is the size of the bars. They are the perfect size. They’re big enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, but small enough to finish before they start melting. If you have a big sweet tooth, have two bars! You’ll have two ice cold popsicles instead of one big melty one.

Please walk, run, or slip ‘n slide straight to Walmart to get a box of these Helados Mexico popsicles. Buy one box for yourself and then buy another to take with you to a cookout and totally overshadow the host’s homemade flag cake or fruit skewers. As always, this is not an ad. I just really, really love these popsicles so I’m singing their praises for free.

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