4 Easy 2-Ingredient Popsicles to Make at Home This Summer

Unless you live north of the Arctic Circle (hi, Santa, I love you!), it’s about to get hot outside. During those interminable summer months, nothing hits the spot like a popsicle. Yes, you could go to the grocery store and just buy a box or two (we can even point you toward the best popsicles and the best low sugar popsicles), but much like messes and sex tapes, making them yourself is more fun. 

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Making popsicles at home is also easy as hell (not to mention a great way to entertain children who are home from school for an entire season). We rounded up some quick, two-ingredient ideas featuring our favorite products. Grab some molds, clear out some freezer space, and enjoy.

 Frozen Strawberries + Simply Lemonade

strawberry lemonade popsicles
Credit: Liv Averett

I firmly believe you should always have a bag of strawberries in the freezer. They’re great for smoothies, you can defrost a few and eat them with ice cream, or you can blend them with lemonade for homemade popsicles. We recommend Simply Lemonade because it’s sweeter than other lemonades on the market, but still has a “great, crisp, tart flavor,” according to Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling

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Disney Donald Duck Outrageous Orange Orange Juice + Wallaby Aussie Greek Style Plain Yogurt

easy popsicles
Credit: Liv Averett

Hey look, healthy homemade Dreamsicles. All you have to do is blend and freeze OJ and Greek yogurt (although, a little bit of a sweetener like agave wouldn’t hurt). Even though it seems weird, we recommend Donald Duck Outrageous Orange Juice. As Justine put it, “If you want sweeter, pulp-free juice that tastes like it’s related to an orange but not an immediate family member, this is the best orange juice for you.” That slightly artificial flavor just works in a popsicle. And you can’t do better than Wallaby Greek yogurt, which tastes full fat even though it’s non fat.

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Coco Joy Natural Coconut Water + Sprouts Cut Tropical Fruit

best popsicle recipes
Credit: Liv Averett

If you want to make popsicles that look as good as they taste, fill your molds with coconut water, plop in some frozen tropical fruit (you’ll want to add it in stages as the pops freeze), and, voila, you’ve got homemade popsicles that are Instagrammy as hell. We recommend Coco Joy, which has a nice, pure coconut flavor and plenty of sweetness without tasting too much like coconut candy. (Note: I know, I know, these are two ingredient popsicles, but adding some agave to the mix is the move here.)

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Nutella + Trader Joe’s Chocolate Milk

best popsicles

I came across this idea on a blog called Crazy for Crust. All you have to do is whisk together some Nutella (or another chocolate hazelnut spread) and a good chocolate milk, and freeze. But how about the best chocolate milk instead of just a good one? We absolutely love Trader Joe’s whole milk chocolate milk, which Justine says “tastes like a melted milkshake made with high quality chocolate.” Good ingredients make a better-than-average homemade Fudgesicle. 

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