We Tried Trader Joe’s New Frozen Shrimp & Garlic Flatbread

Trader Joe’s is always coming out with new snacks and desserts and cheeses—but the new Trader Joe’s appetizers are a rarer breed. So when the new frozen Shrimp & Garlic Flatbread dropped, I was excited to try it. I’ve never subscribed to the whole “dairy and seafood don’t go together” thing. Cheese is good. Seafood is good. Why can’t the two be friends? I certainly shower my shrimp scampi with parmesan and cream cheese-based crab dip is divine. So I didn’t bat an eye when I was confronted with this idea of this seafood pizza—sorry, flatbread. But is it worthy of the precious space in your freezer? I grabbed one, tossed it in the oven, and tried it to find out.

Trader Joe's Frozen Shrimp & Garlic Flatbread

New at Trader Joe’s!

Trader Joe’s Shrimp & Garlic Flatbread

This is shrimp scampi pizza. Seriously, you get the garlic and the parsley and maybe even a splash of wine in the mix. And the shrimp? They come out of the oven tender and firm—not mushy or watery at all like some frozen shrimp can be. The crust is thin and buttery. It’s somewhere between a pizza crust and a pastry crust. This is a worthy addition to Trader Joe’s frozen pizza/flatbread lineup. If you cooked this up and served it with one of Trader Joe’s bagged salads (I’d recommend the Lemony Arugula), you’d have a lovely dinner ready in 20 minutes. Or you can definitely cook up a few, slice them into squares, and serve them as hors d’oeuvres at a party. You’ll make seafood-and-dairy converts out of each and every guest. Just one warning, though, it’s much better hot than it is at room temperature. It’s not bad when it cools down, it’s just not as wow-worthy. So, be sure to eat it right out of the oven.

Credit: Liv Averett / Trader Joe’s




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