Trader Joe’s Pizza Bread Cheese Is About to Be Your Favorite Snack

Trader Joe’s Pizza Bread Cheese is a new obsession of mine.

Its melty consistency, herby flavor, and no-fuss preparation keep me up late at night when my eyes are bloodshot and I most desire licentious snack foods. Based on its blocky appearance and texture, I thought it was simply going to be a sturdy Indian paneer cheese, but, boy, I was wrong. Trader Joe’s Pizza Bread Cheese achieves a whole new texture once you microwave it.

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Trader Joe’s Pizza Bread Cheese

Once you nuke it, this turns into squishy, melty, mozzarella-like cheese. The consistency is incredibly pleasant; it’s got that squeaky-cheese-curd thing going on, and the flavor is very much like the top of a New York-style pizza. It also plays great with sauce. I ate it dunked in ranch, and it just made this cheese sing even more. Think of it like eating the inside of a mozzarella stick without the breading. Some good jarred marinara would be excellent on the side, too. Or spring for some tangy and sweet TJ’s Incredisauce. With a little dressing up, this cheese would make a great appetizer for friends at a party. Or, sans fuss, this is excellent stoner food. I’m super into it and all of its possibilities. Who doesn’t like warm, melty cheese? Aliens. Quakers. Those who hate pleasure. That’s who. I will happily microwave this and eat an entire package of it at 3 a.m.

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  • The best device for bread cheese is the waffle iron.