Do We Want S’more of the New Trader Joe’s S’mores Ice Cream?

Just in time for summer, Trader Joe’s has a new S’mores Ice Cream flavor. It consists of “a base of rich, graham cracker-flavored ice cream, imbue it with marshmallow & chocolatey swirls” and “a pinch of sea salt.” Sounds pretty good, right? According to TJ’s, their new ice cream “evokes the taste of the classic, campfire confection from which it takes its name.” Let’s see if this snack really evokes this outdoor dessert like they claim it does.

Trader Joe’s S’mores Ice Cream


Trader Joe’s S’mores Ice Cream

Let’s start with the base. It tastes more like coffee than graham crackers. Not bad, but not what was promised. Next is the mix-ins. There are almost none. Sad! Why wouldn’t they add more mix-ins? You occasionally get a chunk of chocolate or a bit of marshmallow, but it’s so rare. Lastly, I don’t get any sea salt. I liked that the base has a hint of toasted flavor, but that’s about it. This could’ve been so delicious. Why isn’t it better? Why?!

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  • Agreed! My pint barely had any streaks of marshmallow!

  • Tillamook Campfire Peanut Butter Cup is where it’s at if you’re looking for a S’more’s inspired icing. Technically missing the graham cracker component, but the toasted marshmallow ice cream base makes up for it, it’s perfect.

    • *ice cream