We Tried Trader Joe’s New Tirokafteri Spread

If a new product shows up in the Trader Joe’s dip section, we’re probably going to buy it. TJ’s may fall short if you’re just doing your weekly shopping—like, sorry, I require freshly sliced deli turkey and brand-name toilet paper—but if you’re shopping for a party, you’re golden. So many dips for chips! So many spreads for crackers! So many greasy little frozen morsels to gorge yourself on! Anyway, this new Tirokafteri (full name: Trader Joe’s Tirokafteri Spicy Greek 3-cheese Spread with Roasted Red Peppers) was a must-try for us.

If you’re not familiar, tirokafteri is a spicy feta cheese-based concoction that can be used as a dip for pita, meats, or veggies. Maybe you’ve had it as part of a mezze platter or, hey, maybe you’ve never had it at all. We picked up the TJ’s version to see whether we’re freaks for this Greek condiment.

trader joe's tirokafteri

New Product!

Trader Joe’s Tirokafteri

I’m honestly not sure whether I’ve had tirokafteri in the past, even though I love cheese, I love peppers, and I love going to the annual Greek fest at my nearest Greek Orthodox church. But, wow, what a concept. Tangy feta mixed with roasty-tasting peppers and a touch of heat? I can’t imagine it’s too easy to screw up a combo that iconic, and I’m pleased to report that Trader Joe’s did not screw it up.

Their Tirokafteri is good. You really get a perfect blend of feta and roasted red pepper, although it’s pretty light on heat for something labeled “spicy.” Also, it’s a bit loose—roasted red peppers are liquidy, after all—so it strikes me as more of a dip than a spread. But give me a tub of this and some pita chips, and I’ll give your party extremely high marks.

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  • Excellent review of TJ’s Tirokafteri. I had only heard it called Kafteri by my Greek friends. I was very sad yesterday when I couldn’t find it, My Trader Joe’s manager told me they have stopped selling it.

  • My local restaurat’s kafteri is SPICY. I doctor up TJ’s with some extra feta and some red pepper flakes. Even better – heat it up and serve warm with pita chips.

    So delicious – last time I served it at a family party, everyone thought it was from scratch.