Trevor Evarts’ Favorite Ice Cream Sandwich Comes from Target

Welcome to Mythical Kitchen Picks, the series in which the culinary experts from Mythical Kitchen tell you all about their favorite foods and ingredients. This week, the team is letting you in on their picks for a final summer hurrah. Today, Trevor Evarts is letting you in on the best buy from Target’s freezer section. 

Trevor’s Pick: Favorite Day Ice Cream Sandwiches

favorite day ice cream sandwich
Credit: Liv Averett / Mythical Kitchen / Target

If you’re like me then you probably ate your fair share of ice cream sandwiches as a kid. And then some more as an adult. Okay, if you’re like me then you probably just love ice cream sandwiches. Now, I don’t take my ice cream sandwiches lightly. There are a lot of important factors that make up a good ice cream sandwich, and Target’s Favorite Day brand hits them all. 

Favorite Day is Target’s brand of all things sweet, the antithesis of their savory Good & Gather brand. I have come to love the Favorite Day brand, and it’s not just because I love Target more than suburban moms do. Their ice cream sandwiches are perfect. They’re the ideal size—I strongly believe that there is a correct size and shape for an ice cream sandwich. If you hand me a square ice cream sandwich, I’ll probably curse your family for one thousand years or something like that (sorry, Klondike). Favorite Day ice cream sandwiches are rectangular, as they should be. Secondly, the ratio of ice cream to cookie is sublime. You don’t have to worry about biting through three inches of ice cream with Favorite Day. To top it all off, the ice cream is perfectly artificial and soft. I hate it when the ice cream in an ice cream sandwich is too authentic. I want it to be fluffy, soft, and have that little bit of artificial flavor. I also forgot to mention they’re super cheap because they’re a store brand! So go get yourself some Favorite Day ice cream sandwiches; I promise your inner child and outer adult/teen/octogenarian will thank you.

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