Oooh Weee! Trolli Is Releasing Rick and Morty Gummy Worms

Whip out your Szechuan sauce and call Mr. Poopybutthole because the sixth season of Rick and Morty is set to air on September 4, much to the delight of myself, nerds, and people who think nihilism is cool. But that’s not all the franchise has up their sleeves: They are also collaborating with Trolli to bring us Rick and Morty-themed Sour Brite Crawlers (that’s Trolli-speak for gummy worms) that will start slithering onto store shelves on August 15. Rick and Morty gummy worms?!? This is an idea so good even Jerry could sell it (to real, non-simulation people)! 

So what exactly makes these Rick and Morty gummy worms different from regular Trolli gummy worms?

Well, mainly packaging. But the packaging is pretty darn cool! The packages of each unique flavor will depict Rick and Morty in various trippy situations surrounded by Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers. Yes, I said each flavor—there are more than one! These Rick and Morty gummy packs come in three flavors: Original Mix, Very Berry, and Fruit Punch. And the packaging itself isn’t the only Rick and Morty-themed collectible you can take home and cherish forever (or at least until Mr. Poopybutthole has grandkids and a big white Santa Claus beard). If you buy an eight-count variety pack of these gummies, you also get an “original sticker sheet featuring [your] favorite Rick and Morty characters and Trolli sour gummi worms.” Yay for that! Who doesn’t love some good stickers?

And I have to say, while the Fruit Punch, Original Mix, and Very Berry flavors all sound great (I’m never one to say no to a fruit punch-flavored anything), I do feel like they should’ve gone with more Rick and Morty-specific flavors like: “Portal Gun Green,” “Cronenburg Pink,” “Goodbye Moonmen Fartcloud Rainbow,” Pickle (Rick), or Szechuan sauce. Or they could all be apple-flavored, because “hungry for apples?” Yes we are. Point is, I got ideas. Call me, Trolli.

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