Tropical 7UP Is Coming Back! Here’s Where to Get It

We love 7UP. It’s the best lemon lime soda. It’s one of the best caffeine-free sodas. (Sporked contributor Vinz Karl calls it “the ultimate weapon in the war against caffeine.”) So we were psyched to find out that a new 7UP flavor is dropping next month. According to a post from Instagram soda tracker @SodaSeekers, Tropical 7UP is due out in September 2023. Color us very excited.

SodaSeekers reports that the soda will be available exclusively at Kroger stores starting the week of September 18th in Regular and Zero Sugar varieties. But @Markie_devo reports that it’s already been seen in the wild (aka Arizona). Tropical 7UP will be available in 20oz bottles for a limited time, but rumor has it the 12oz cans will become part of the permanent 7UP line-up.

This isn’t the first time 7UP has released a tropical flavor. There was a limited Canadian release in 2002, a pineapple-mango forward Tropical 7UP in 2014, and they’ve tried other tropical flavors overseas with flavors like 7UP Frootaz in the Philippines and 7UP Cocktail Exotique in France. 

Based on the label’s design, it seems like this new Tropical 7UP will have a peach-mango flavor. Peach and mango flavored beverages began to gain popularity in the late 2010s in Europe and are starting to pop up more and more in the U.S. Pepsi recently released a mango version of the cola (it’s one of the best Pepsi flavors, in our opinion) and there are rumors that a peach-flavored Mtn Dew is hitting the shelves soon, too. So it makes sense why 7UP would want to hop on that peach-mango bandwagon. 

7UP is the king of citrus sodas. But will it also get a stranglehold on tropical sodas? Check back with Sporked once the new soda releases to find out. 

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  • I picked up some Tropical 7up ZERO at King Soopers in Pueblo, Colorado and it was AWESOME. I wish they would sell them at my local Safeway, but I’m going to have to go to Pueblo again & buy as many as I can while they’re still around!
    Please, please let them permanently make Tropical 7up ZERO 🙏

  • How will it get in NC? We don’t have Kroger here anymore.

    • In NC Kroger owns the Harris Teeter grocery-chain, so there’s a decent chance it will be stocked there.