UPDATED: Is Peach Mtn Dew Coming Soon? Here’s What We Know

It can be hard to keep up with all the new Mtn Dew flavors. This year alone they’ve given us Summer Freeze, a couple new varieties of Baja Blast, new Hard Mtn Dew flavors, and, coming down the pike this fall, a new Mtn Dew VooDEW that will reportedly be a collab with a popular Halloween candy brand. But, in the words of every good infomercial host, there’s more! According to several online sources, including soda news Insta account @sodaseekers, Mtn Dew parent company PepsiCo filed a trademark late last month for “Mtn Dew Peach Madness.” Yes, you may soon be sipping peach Mtn Dew. And it’s gonna be madness.

Peach Mtn Dew? That sounds suspiciously familiar, doesn’t it?

Well, yes and no. In 2019, Mtn Dew was reportedly going to release a holiday-themed peach flavor called “Happy Dew Year,” but everyone’s Happy Dew Year turned into a Crappy Dew Year when the flavor was canceled. But people who really had a hankering for peach Mtn Dew were in luck—that year, the brand launched a KFC-exclusive peach and honey flavor, Mtn Dew Sweet Lightning. In 2022, rumors started circulating that Sweet Lightning would be released in 20-ounce bottles to be sold at convenience stores, but it’s still a KFC exclusive. Hey, that just gives you an excuse to go get some of those really good mashed potatoes and gravy.

So, there’s yet to be a peach Mtn Dew you can buy at the grocery store or gas station and enjoy at home. Peach is my personal favorite soda flavor (peach Fresca is in my top five), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that, a.) Mtn Dew Peach Madness really does come to pass, and, b.) that it is a permanent rather than a limited edition flavor like Pitch Black or Flamin’ Hot, although that’s probably too much to ask.

The real question is just how mad are these peaches? Are they mad in a March Madness sorta way? Or like a mad scientist? Or did the peach walk all the way to the bakery to get a muffin only to find it was closed and is mad at itself for not leaving earlier? In any case, I’m excited to try it if PepsiCo actually decides to release a peach Mtn Dew this time around. Maybe that’s what the peach is mad about—it keeps trying to exist and PepsiCo won’t let it!

Update: If you were excited about this new Mtn Dew release and live on the West Coast, you’ll be saying waa waa. Because sources have told us that Mtn Dew Peach Madness will be released as an exclusive Wawa flavor in 2024. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic, you are well acquainted with Wawa, a chain of celebrated convenience stores. But if you’re wondering, what is Wawa? We can help you out.

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